Bookshop on the Heath Sale

The Bookshop on the Heath in Blackheath
Now, I promise that this won’t become a habit – you will not see many notices here about shops running sales… However, The Bookshop on the Heath is a special case, as mentioned before. It is possibly the best shop in Blackheath, certainly one of the nicest for perusing on a Saturday morning, and they are (I am informed by the owner) having a sale this week.  So if you fancy picking up some awesome sci-fi, or wonderful children’s books, head over – (where else can you find On Wings of Song by crazy, suicidal, 60’s new-wave author Thomas M Disch and old hardback copies of The Wind in the Willows with E.H. Shepard’s illustrations in the same shop?)

Anyway, they are having a sale, although the discounts are mostly on the posters, postcards and things other than booksUPDATE: They actually have a 50% discount off most books as well as the posters and postcards.

It’s a lovely shop, so go and have a look.

The Bookshop on the Heath Ltd 74 Tranquil Vale, Blackheath, London SE3 0BW Tel: 020 88524786


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2 responses to “Bookshop on the Heath Sale

  1. Blackheath Ann

    Yes, I love this shop, I’m glad it’s managed to keep going unlike the other non-antiquarian bookshop in the village which became the Best One 24/7 grocers if I remember correctly. Shame – I used to buy stuff from there whenever possible, but I guess the bulk discounts offered by WHS, supermarkets and Amazon are killing independent booksellers.

    Really enjoy the site Bugle, just thought I’d mention that :-)

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