Want to be water cannoned?

Boris would like to know whether you’d like him to spend £100,000 on a water cannon. He wants you to email him with your name, postcode, and answer to these three questions:

Do you think water cannon would be a useful addition to the tools available to the Metropolitan Police in managing rare cases of serious public disorder?

What rules do you think should be in place to oversee the use of water cannon in London?

Are there any other comments you would like to make about the use of water cannon in London?

Please submit your response to watercannonengagement@mopac.london.gov.uk. It would be helpful if you would include your postcode.

Find out more at


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7 responses to “Want to be water cannoned?

  1. Anonymous

    Wow I wish the citizens of my home town of Belfast had been given the chance to be consulted on water cannon. We had no such luxury.
    That said I am more than happy to see the bloody rioters in Belfast get a good soaking.

  2. Thanks for the link. My views sent off.
    I saw a water cannon go up in flames in Prague after receiving a Molotov up its derriere and I see they’ve been pretty ineffective in Kiev over the past few days.
    Boris wants to look butch and for us to pay for it, like the dangleway.

  3. Mr Eee

    Are you OK Mr Bugle? Hope the lack of posts is due to other commitments rather than anything more serious

  4. Barry

    Why is he asking Joe Public – what is Joe Public going to know about utilisation of wtare cannons? Jeez, is this a Village or something – don’t they have teams of consultants to advise the mop-haired fattie? COurse, if it come sin he’ll be able to say he asked the voters and the majority wanted them – no spine!

  5. I know you’re still around, but busy.
    I trust you’ve seen today that Boris has ignored us and is buying, not one, but three of the bloody things — from the Germans!!

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