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Clockwork to cufflinks

An interesting blog post from Simon Carter, the upmarket menswear shop that is going to replace Black’s the jewellers in Blackheath.

…we’re opening a new store in Blackheath. This is an even more prosperous and leafy London suburb than Crystal palace. I’d passed by the site dozens of times; a long standing jewellers in a prime location just down from the station, on the main drag. When I saw the ‘To Let’ sign, I moved so fast I blurred. Beating other retailers off with a stick, and having to raise our offer twice, we finally secured it earlier this month.

The shop dates from around 1870 and retains the original frontage, right down to the curved glass windows, tessellated entrance floor and foxed Victorian mirrors above the doorway. Inside, there’s much to be done. The nineteenth century tongue and groove ceiling remains in place under a 1980’s shopfit. There’s a glorious wood panelled light well at the back, and once we start stripping out the previous generations of fixtures, more will be revealed.

From their website, they also sell watches, so some continuity from that perspective. The owner of the shop goes by the twitter name @kingofcufflinks. Lots of changes coming to the high street over the next few weeks I think…

(Thanks to Rob for spotting the post)


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Blackheath Society Photos

Loads of great stuff here.
Weirdly, you’re asked for a login name and email address before you enter the site, but no password is ever required.
* Fairground from 1904 to the 1990s is interesting.
* Talk by Neil Rhind about the Heath.
* Windmills and Caverns. Wish we still had both..


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Shepherds Food of the week

Ovivo olive leaf extract in Shepherds Foods
This week’s Shepherds Food of the week™* is the remarkable Ovivo. It’s an absolute bargain** at only £14.99 for a bottle of Olive Leaf Extract***. I know what I’ll be filling the fridge up with for the next few weeks.

* Not every week. Barely every year, but I try.
** Actually seems a bit on the pricey side for something that I’ve never seen anyone in an olive producing country actually drink.
*** From their site: “Use with caution if you are allergic to Olive tree pollen as it may cause a seasonal respiratory allergic reaction. This herb may cause mild gastrointestinal irritation, particularly if taken on an empty stomach. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should always consult with their healthcare practitioner before use. Olive Leaf Extract may interfere with some Antibiotics and therefore anyone taking these should consult with their healthcare practitioner before use. “

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