Fossil Shark Teeth (Eocene) from the Blackheath Beds by flickr user RATAEDL
Hello Blackheath. Any good suggestions for dentists around here? I’ve had the same brilliant dentist since childhood, but she’s retiring, and I’d like to find one closer to home. Preferably one that doesn’t drill fillings for the fun of it… Thanks (big smile, with lots of teeth, hopefully)…

Photo by flickr user RATAEDL, from a post of mine a while back about Sharks in Blackheath


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28 responses to “Dentists?

  1. Have tweeted but just to add my recommendation of Sparkly Smile in Montpelier Vale.

    • Alan Burkitt-Gray

      Me too. Got my teeth fixed a few years ago by the wonderfully named Lydia Pink there. She has a certificate on the wall saying she was named London’s young dentist of the year about six years ago.

    • Phil Eisenberg

      I can vouch for the “wonderfully named” Lydia Pink too – she’s my dentist also (and I am a dentist too) at Sparklysmile

      • Alan Burkitt-Gray

        I think you’ve done me too, Phil, and your father. Been with your practice for 20-odd years on and off – the offs are my fault, just being busy.

      • Sparklysmile – best dentists ever. The whole family went regularly while we lived in Balckheath

      • Another vote for Sparklysmile. In fact, after spending years and thousands of pounds pre-Blackheath going to a variety of dentists to see about a tooth that consistently caused me problems, the Sparklysmile hygienist took seriously thirty seconds to look at my teeth and say ‘you know you’re allergic to your toothpaste, right?’ No… I didn’t. And finding that out changed *everything*. (She also was able to tell me what the likely culprit ingredient was – which turns out to be in a million household items that I can now avoid – and what brand I would probably have the most luck with, which was accurate.) For being the first place in ten years to spot what could be fixed for a £3 tube of toothpaste rather than heaps more costly dental work, they have my permanent respect!

  2. I have used Belmont Hill practice off Lee High Road for a few years – seem pretty good and thorough and still do NHS work.

  3. Helen

    I have been using Lewisham Dental Practice on the Lee High Road for some years 8852 3000 I think the number is. Richard goes to the former Merivale practice in Greenwich – let me know if I can help more.

  4. Helen

    I should have added that I am very pleased with the service at Lee High Road and so is my husband with the Merivales – though Charlie is no longer there.

  5. Carolyn

    Westcombe Park Dental Practice. It looks and feels private, but you can get in on the NHS. Highly recommend them.

  6. anon

    I am a confirmed Phil fan at sparkly smile. Definitely not a “drill first” ask questions later type. Best dentist ever.

  7. Gerry Frizzelle

    My whole family has used the Merivale Dental Practice in Greenwich South Street ( since the last millenium and I unreservedly recommend everyone there – dentists, nurses and reception staff. Charlie Merivale does still work there, btw, but now specialises in root canal work.

  8. I have always been very happy with the Belmont park practice



  9. Yusef

    I’d definitely recommend Lydia at sparkly smile. She’s so enthusiastic, but also knowledgable and thorough.

  10. When I lived in Blackheath the entire family went for years, to Joe Eisenberg`s as it was then . I am sure the excellent tradition has continued.

  11. Anonymous

    I couldn’t recommend award-winning Dr Lydia Pink enough. She works at Sparkly Smile Dental Practice in Montpelier Vale, in the heart of Blackheath village and I’ve been her patient for nearly three years. She’s extremely professional, caring and witty – rest assured she’ll take excellent care of you and will turn a dreaded trip to the dentist into a very bearable – rather pleasant, even! – experience. All best, TG

  12. Tennyson

    I recommend Sparkly Smile Dental Practice very highly. Dr Pink is both extremely efficient and pleasant

  13. Charlotte Cooper

    I use Westcombe Park Dental Practice just by Westcombe Park Station. They are still taking NHS patients and the dentist Greg Wootton is very thorough as are the dental hygienists. The counter staff are a bit officious/frosty but that’s their job isn’t it!?

  14. Sam

    Westcombe Park dentists are mostly young and quite good, but their receptionist tried to charge me for a filling before I’d even had it done. They also refused to let me see a hygienist (which is private, not NHS anyhow) before I’d seen one of their dentists for a check up, although I’d just seen a different dentist somewhere else. They claimed it was against the law to let me do this (no it isn’t; it’s just their practice policy). They also lectured my wife about having to pay for repeated cancellation of appointments, after she’d cancelled an appointment just once. Best hygienist requires a 3 month wait anyhow. I’m looking for alternatives.
    I can recommend Dr Clive Farrell near Greenwich Station, although he can be hard to get an appointment with if it’s not urgent and not sure that he’s there every day (?).
    I take it Sparkly Smile is private only? Are they very expensive? I’m not sure I can afford private dentistry.

  15. When you move to a new town, or decide you need a dental exam after years with no check-up, you must find a suitable dentist. While there are many dentists in every large city, and several in each small town, some have undesirable characteristics. Choosing a dentist could mean the difference between healthy gums and rotting teeth. Some dentists use old fashioned techniques, while others are on the cutting edge of technology.

  16. Barry

    Sr Alan Young – Barbican Healthcare – Canary Wharf – small bit of a trek but the best dentist around

  17. RD

    Id also recommend Belmont Park Dental practice, dentists and staff all very courteous and professional. They were refurbishing last year but all finished now and looking very modern!

    • I am more than happy with my NHS/Private dentist – Lewisham Dental Practice 8-12 Lee High Rd, London SE13 5LQ

      Phone:020 8852 3000

      Yes, Merrivale were marvellous too but the wonderful Charlie has gone on to higher things

      Haven’t heard anything from the Bugle for ages.

  18. Westcombe Park Dentists (by the station) are very good and accept NHS patients

  19. AJ

    Downvote for sparkly smile – my brother had a serious accident and snapped his front tooth in half late on a Sunday afternoon and we phoned Phil in desperation as the nhs emergency dentist service was worse than useless and he couldn’t see anyone… Despite offering to pay up front Phil declined as it was a Sunday evening.

    Great service if you’re prepared to pay large sums of money and not bother them outside of working hours.

  20. Kal at the Merrivale Clinic – the loveliest dentist I’ve ever had.. I actually look forward to seeing him!

  21. Adam

    I’ve been using the Westcombe Park dental practice for many years ( and I can’t recommend them strongly enough. I had a dental emergency a few months back and was in immense pain, but the Westcombe team sorted it really quickly, to my relief!

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