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I live and write about Blackheath, a sort of village inside London, UK.

Manor House Gardens under threat

The fantastic Manor House Gardens is threatened with money-saving measures designed to get rid of park wardens etc…

It’s the kind of place you only discover when you have kids.

The park has a brilliant café (Pistachios), and one of the few remaining libraries that the council forgot to shut down.

As a result of your efforts Martin Hide (Green Scene, Lewisham Council) and Darren Budden (Glendales, contractor) will take questions about current service provision and next steps at an open meeting on the 24th February, 7.30pm at the Manor House Library, Lee.

This is a great opportunity to show your support and make your views known. I am keen we get a good turn out as I know many users are concerned about the impact of the cuts on the safety of Manor House Gardens.

Friends of Manor House Gardens on Facebook


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£150 for a polar bear


Technically it’s three polar bears. They’re not real. They’re stuffed. Two of them are quite small.

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Christmas spirit

Every time I see this poster it freaks me out. I imagine a ghostly woman with hair over her face slowly dragging a sledge of presents towards her unsuspecting victims. A smell of lavender oil fills the house. And they all begin to feel calm. Too calm…

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Missing sausage dog

Eimear writes:

My little sausage dog Holly is missing and has been sighted in the Morden Road area of Blackheath Village in the last few days. I’ve put up posters and searched and asked around. People have been very kind. She was last seen near the white gate on Morden Road coming out of the green gated garages – yesterday afternoon.

I’ve searched and called but obviously can’t go trespassing on people’s property. I think I heard her barking tonight. But she stopped after a short time, afraid perhaps to call attention to herself in the dark. This was in the Plantation/Swayne Place area. I think she is holing up in gardens. Could you please, please send out a plea for people to search gardens, sheds and garages. It is so cold for a small dog to be lost. She is friendly on approach. I need the next person who sees her to hang on to her and contact me (07904033338).


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Blackheath Village Day


Great to see the village lights working again – much better than last year!   Mysterious sightings of pigs notwithstanding, the whole day was full of music, events, food and drink.  Really good effort.  My range of fabric bags will be available any day now…


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Pigs in (green) space


Finally photographic verification of the mythical pig lady.. After many tweets, a photo from @catamacleod :

Just when I thought I couldn’t love #Blackheath any more, I saw a woman telling her pig to sit

And this from @WarrenKing:
Found: ‘Walter’ the Blackheath Pig, having his belly tickled outside @Brakebikes in Montpelier Vale #BlackheathPig



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UPDATE: Replaced this image with my own, because the official image doesn’t use the right font.

Transport for London are consulting on extending the Bakerloo line as far as Lewisham, and possibly further. The consultation ends on Sunday, so if you think it’s a good idea (I do), please go and have your say before Sunday. The Labour party have also jumped on the bandwagon, and coined the catchy Bakerlooisham name, but think that starting work in 2023, and finishing it in the 2030’s is possibly a little tardy. You think?! I totally agree, but I wonder how many of these politically inspired petitions are really about hoovering up email addresses of potential voters whose viewpoints might align with Labour. I’ve signed a few in the past and seem to have been inadvertently subscribed to all manner of mailing lists… Anyhow, the TfL consultation page won’t have this problem. Links below:

Finally, here’s a wonderful map, reimagining the tube map, so that South London had as many stops as North London currently does, and vice versa:

south london tube map

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