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Videos of the Heath

Henry sent a link to a video that he made recently for the local church. It’s very nicely shot, and is presented by the local vicar, Nicholas Cranfield, explaining the history of the local area.

There’s also another one of his videos here, about last year’s fireworks. I’m always happy to post videos of anything Blackheath related, so please send them in if you spot any!

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TFC, near KFC

Turkish Food Centre in Lewisham (TFC)

The Turkish Food Centre (TFC) in Lewisham is great.  I’ve mentioned it before, but there is nowhere nearer to Blackheath where you can pick up such delicious food without paying through the nose.  At least, there wasn’t, but not like some sort of Turkish Ice-Cream-Van Movie, a competitor has opened up 3 doors down, called (get this) Lewisham Food Centre! Lewisham Food Centre

Inside, it looks much brighter and shinier than TFC, but didn’t seem as busy to me, and the music wasn’t as good… Lewisham Food Centre, inside

So I stuck with TFC instead.  Seriously, if you think that Baklava tastes like bits of paper stuck together with prit-stick, it’s because you’ve only bought it from Marks & Spencer’s. Ignore the awful photo, but this is fresh baklava: Baklava from Turkish Food Centre, in Lewisham

The yoghurt is great too:

Yoghurt from Turkish Food Centre, in Lewisham

And they must have about 100 different types of nuts, including these little white roasted chick pea things, which are amazing with red wine.

Nuts from Turkish Food Centre, in Lewisham

And the olives are the best around for miles… Ignore those huge “donkey olives” in the Village Deli, and go for these ones: Olives from Turkish Food Centre, in Lewisham

In case you’re wondering where it is, here’s a google map. Tell them the Bugle sent you… Actually don’t, they’ll have no idea what you’re on about.  And if you’re stuck with what to do with it all once you’ve bought it, try here for some recipe inspiration.

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