Map of Blackheath

Here’s my Google map of all my posts, so you can see where I’m talking about.

To view the full sized version, click here.

Don’t forget to try the virtual tour too, if you want a street-level view of things (made long before Google StreetView came to Blackheath)…  Plus there’s the Where The Hell Can I Park in Blackheath map too….

3 responses to “Map of Blackheath

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  2. From the anomalies present there, there are most certainly some large “Pits”, they don’t follow the pattern of buildings as such, far to random in there outline, so I would hazard to say they are clearly pits, in the main article, a fellow says there would be little point in dragging bodies uphill?

    Quite frankly, this is a preposterous claim, there must have been dwellers at the very top of the hill/heath to be precise. It would have afforded a vantage point, maybe some sort of fortification as is the norm for a high point. With this in mind, I think it fair to say, there could be large quantities of plague victims buried there.

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