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Liz’ Bonfire

Her Royal Highness the Queen, will be approving the lighting of a bonfire on our glorious heath, around 10pm on Monday 4th June on the Heath. Be there or be republican…

As spotted by The Blackheath Society, who will fix their root redirects to “www” soon I’m sure…

Photo of what might be Banksy from here, from a Pound shop in Turnpike Lane, nowhere near Blackheath.


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Kids specs found on the Heath

Tim says:
“Found on the Heath today – a pair of (probably quite expensive) kids glasses”
Contact the Bugle if they’re yours and I’ll pass on Tim’s details.

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Blackheath missile videos

England prevails.


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The university of life

So let me get this right. The labour party was formed for the poorest people in society to have a better say over their lives. I’ve just voted for our Labour-controlled (Lewisham) council to stay Labour. And our library has just been turned into a private school. Well done all of you.


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Missiles demoed on Blackheath – BBC News

Missiles on BBC News
BBC News package about the missiles. No voxpops.


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Blackheath Missiles on ITV News

Blackheath missiles on ITV news
I don’t know about you, but I always feel far more informed after I’ve watched three voxpops. Thank goodness they didn’t interview anyone important.
Missiles on Blackheath Common – ITV News


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Election day – don’t forget to vote!

Polling Station, Blackheath, St Michael's Church, London, SE3
It’s election day. The polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm. However you choose to vote, please don’t forget!


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Army begins setting up missiles on the Heath

Army setting missiles up on the heath
Apparently there’s a (hopefully not too practical) demo for the media at 2pm? Photo by @alexbrooks on Twitter:

Councillor Kevin Bonavia has sent a copy of the MoD leaflet over. You can view it here.

Don’t forget – they haven’t taken a decision on whether to deploy missiles on the heath yet. I’m sure they’ll come to their senses after a short period of consultation. Because that’s what usually happens.


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Why I’m voting for Ken
Every day through London, I take the train and the tube. I see almost everyone reading free papers – The Metro or the Evening Standard. And almost every day I look over their shoulders and spot a pro-Boris or anti-Ken story.

The London Mayor’s main role is effectively that of a transport tzar. I’ve never seen Boris on public transport. That is to say, I’ve seen him on TV on public transport… But I’ve never actually seen him using it to get from A to B on his own, when a camera wasn’t on him. Maybe he does, maybe our paths never cross. But I’ve seen Ken. On his own. With an umbrella on the tube. More than once.

This reason, coupled with the price-rises for the poorest attitude of Boris, makes me think that Ken can’t be a worse option. Plus I feel sorry for him over the alliterative bicycles.

So I’m voting Ken. And this blog is the tiny mouthpiece I have to tell you about it, as I’m not an oligarch, and can’t afford to own a free newspaper. I can take some small comfort from the fact that a few thousand people will read this as a counterbalance, even though I’m still not sure why you’re all here. Thanks.

PS – Some reasons to vote Boris here.


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Tranquil Passage by Elliot Harris
Fantastic Instagram snaps by Elliot Harris, who was in Blackheath shooting the TV commercial for Sky TV. Rupert would be proud. If he wasn’t so unfit :)
Blackheath Heath by Elliot Harris

Sisters and Daughters by Elliot Harris


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