Pigs in (green) space


Finally photographic verification of the mythical pig lady.. After many tweets, a photo from @catamacleod :

Just when I thought I couldn’t love #Blackheath any more, I saw a woman telling her pig to sit http://t.co/DcS3NHd27s

And this from @WarrenKing:
Found: ‘Walter’ the Blackheath Pig, having his belly tickled outside @Brakebikes in Montpelier Vale #BlackheathPig http://t.co/EJBO3RSkGv



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2 responses to “Pigs in (green) space

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  2. Blackheath Ann

    I was longing to meet this new village resident and a few days ago I spotted him on the heath near the Church and had to go and have a closer look. Naturally we were introduced and he’s really a cute and friendly little Vietnamese pig. Not fully grown yet, but he won’t get too big… His full name is Walter White :-) His lady owner is happy to chat and people were stopping to pat and fuss him. Ferrets, pigs, Blackheath has everything!

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