Manor House Gardens under threat

The fantastic Manor House Gardens is threatened with money-saving measures designed to get rid of park wardens etc…

It’s the kind of place you only discover when you have kids.

The park has a brilliant café (Pistachios), and one of the few remaining libraries that the council forgot to shut down.

As a result of your efforts Martin Hide (Green Scene, Lewisham Council) and Darren Budden (Glendales, contractor) will take questions about current service provision and next steps at an open meeting on the 24th February, 7.30pm at the Manor House Library, Lee.

This is a great opportunity to show your support and make your views known. I am keen we get a good turn out as I know many users are concerned about the impact of the cuts on the safety of Manor House Gardens.

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2 responses to “Manor House Gardens under threat

  1. Reblogged this on paulsdiary and commented:
    A short but good piece from the Blackheath Bugle about Manor House Gardens. It appears that there are threats to the resources of all our parks from the forthcoming cuts.

  2. Kate

    Manor House Gardens is a local gem and much loved now. Before the Lottery funded make over years ago it was fairly run down, it would be terrible to let that happen again.

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