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More photos from New Year’s Eve

More photos from the lovely fireworks across the city and amazing Thai hot air balloons (when I asked him where he got them from he said “Thailand… They’ve had a long journey”), but then later mentioned that you can get them on eBay.

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Fireworks at the point

Amazing (unofficial) Thai hot air balloons at The Point.


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It looks like a pint of Guinness settling over Blackheath

1650 Blackheath by Flickr user Andy Linden

An awesome pair of Blackheath photos to see in the new year!  The photo above was taken by Flickr user Andy Linden. Both of these must have been taken at around the same time, I think – they both have a lovely colour to them.

Blackheath Common by Flickr user Baskill
This photo is by Flickr user Baskill. The full set of photos are here


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