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The ferret’s name is Silver

Open Letter to Dave and his Ferret

And the Blackheath Society is holding a picnic on the heath to celebrate their 75th birthday. It’s on the 24th June 12.30pm-3.30pm


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Couple of links for you

Sorry for the lack of posts this week – been busy.

The Pagoda appeared on London Tonight a few days back.

853blog has a great post about the changes afoot on Blackheath and in Greenwich park as the Olympics bear down upon us… Can’t believe Greenwich council were considering raising the speed limit in the park. What were they thinking?!


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Big Smoke article on Blackheath Society

Interesting article on 75 years of the Blackheath Society here:
Blackheath Society reaches 75 years


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Mystery man living in Blackheath hole

From “This Is Locally A Terrible Name for a Website London”:

Mystery man living in Blackheath hole

CONCERN surrounds the welfare of a mystery Middle Eastern man who has lived in a hole on Blackheath for nearly four years.

Strange story… Is it true?


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Olympic Route announced

Olympic Torch Relay Route Announced
Doesn’t pass directly through the village. From Saturday 21st July – Monday 23rd. More details here. I love the fact that it’s sponsored by Coca-cola. Beyond parody.


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Moron missiles

I was wondering…

What would a world-renowned security expert make of the plans to arm Blackheath with missiles?

So I emailed him:

I’m a big fan of your security essays, and subscribe to your weekly Crypto-gram.

The UK government has recently decided to place surface to air
missiles in my local park, to protect us against terrorist attacks
during the Olympics.

I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing something about this
as a tactic to increase security. Does it matter if the missiles are
loaded? Is it the right thing to do? etc etc..

Here’s the reply:

Sounds like a dumb idea to me.

Short and to the point. We always protect against the previous terror threat. See this essay, for example:

Voting for missile defense makes for better campaigning than increasing intelligence funding. Elected officials want to do something visible, even if it turns out to be ineffective.

Something to ask Heidi Alexander on her trip around the houses today:


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Missiles in action

I’m sure this doesn’t happen that often…


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