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Age Exchange

Seasons Greetings! Nice article in The Times mentioning the Age Exchange in Blackheath (which incidentally is looking very festive at the moment, unlike in this photo). Back in Blackheath now after a wintry break with Bugle mum in darkest Cornwall – hopefully more posts to follow!

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A map of the proposed olympic equestrian events in Blackheath & Greenwich has been released. Just imagine the brown bits strewn with dead trees and a million muddy footprints…


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Sixties snow stops buses on the heath

Nice to know nothing changes. Great photo of two buses stuck on the heath in the early Sixties!
Photo by Flickr user LEDLON 89.


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Zen Shepherds

I love the fact that there is a large sign advertising yoga outside Shepherd Foods.

I keep expecting to trip over somebody cross-legged on the floor, between the slightly stale bread and the lottery scratch cards…


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Lights through Blackheath

Blackheath High St, London by WKZ Media
Great photo by WKZ Media on Flickr (used by permission). Also, check out this other wonderful geometric set of Blackheath photos.

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Public Loos and Christmas Cards

Hello, Boulangerie Jade is a strange place to sit and attempt a crossword when jet-lagged…. Just saw a nice piece about the ever-smiling Big Issue seller outside the station. And it seems that nobody knows who owns the public toilets on Charlton Way, so the council are going to knock them down. I’ve never understood how public conveniences became so unfashionable. Ditching phone boxes I can understand – we all have ultra-portable versions in our pockets now. But until someone invents the magic folding toilet, it would be handy to still have some public lavs wouldn’t it?


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