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Emotional Baggage

Hooray for passports!
I got on the train yesterday at Blackheath. It was packed. I stuffed my bag under a chair to get it out of the way. More people got on, so I moved down. Then a seat next to me became free, so I sat down. The train was still packed to the end of the journey. When I looked for my bag, it was gone. And it had my passport in it. The passport that I need in order to get married next week. Oh god.

So, I spent a miserable morning talking to the Met Police, the Transport Police (who are completely separate), SouthEastern Trains, SouthWest Trains (who also do not talk to each other), and the passport office.

Amazingly, out of all these institutions, by far the most effective and helpful was the passport office. I now have a new passport, and every time I look at that terrified, miserable passport photo, I will be reminded that, yes, I am an idiot, and that, yes, I really should listen to Mrs Bugle when she says hold on to your bag on the train.

And to the lost property man at Waterloo station- a bag that has been thrown away by a thief doesn’t have any uniquely identifiable DNA that proves which Train Operating Company was being used when it was stolen. If I’ve had a bag pinched at Waterloo East, perhaps you should at least pretend to give a damn when I tell you about it at Waterloo Main Station?


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How The Other Half Putt

I normally try and tell people that Blackheath isn’t that posh. And then I see this. Don’t remember my comp ever running a golf championship. If they’re attending the local golf club already, then I doubt they’ll need that much help in life.

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Climate Camp message to activists

Blackheath Climate Camp pdf
Received today:

This is an invitation for you to join us at a Climate Camp Blackheath residents de-briefing session happening this Saturday the 19th September at the West Greenwich community and arts centre from 3.15 to 4.15pm.

We hope that you had a chance to attend the Climate Camp at some point over the bank holiday weekend and that you found it an interesting and enjoyable experience. Obviously we are aware that our presence may not have been appreciated by everybody and we would like to take this opportunity to discuss with you your experiences and views of our Camp, and in turn to hear our reasons for pitching our tents in Blackheath.

Please see this link ( for a poster containing more information about the meeting.

Perhaps Blackheath’s spare £9k could be spent on a little wooden windfarm?

I’d love to be there, but I’m afraid I’ll be running away from the UK to go and marry Mrs. Bugle – thus making her name slightly more appropriate. Did I mention that this blog was her idea? Anyway, happy camping Blackheath, see you in a few weeks.

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Noa Noa

Noa Noa clothes shop in Blackheath
Noa Noa (new clothes shop) were refused planning permission for extra illuminated signs outside the shop:

The proposed signage, by reason of its design and illumination, would fail to relate to the design and detailing of the shopfront and the character and appearance of the building,and would detract from the special character of this part of the Blackheath Conservation Area and would fail to comply with Policies URB 9 Signs and Hoardings and URB 16 New Development, Changes of Use and Alterations to Buildings in Conservation Areas within the adopted Unitary Development Plan (July 2004).

This can only be a good thing… First come the glaring signs, then the shutters, then the billboards.  We’re lucky Blackheath is kept looking so nice – in no small part by the Blackheath Society campaigning against various planning proposals.

I wish worked better – the first I heard of this proposal was when I saw the plasticky sign pinned to the nearest lamp-post.


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Sleeping Policeman to be Interrogated

Map of Speed Restrictions in Blackheath Village Lewisham Council consultation

As spotted on (LibDem councillor) Godfried Gyechie’s blog:

Lewisham council are running a questionnaire about the speed reducing measures around Blackheath Village that have been in place since 2005.  In a great example of Government 0.9 (rather than 2.0), you are required to download a PDF file, print out pages 12 and 13, then post them (Freepost) back to the council.  No email address, no web-form.

Here’s a list of the roads being reviewed:

  • Bennett Park
  • Blackheath Grove
  • Blackheath Village
  • Montpelier Row
  • Montpelier Vale
  • Paragon Place
  • Prince of Wales Road (within 20mph zone)
  • Royal Parade
  • Tranquil Vale (within 20mph zone)
  • Wemyss Road

I can’t imagine that they’ll be digging up the various measures that are already in place (all the data displayed in the brochure suggests that accidents have declined).  But if you’d like to let them know that the improvements are appreciated, or indeed to find out what exactly a Speed Cushion (possibly an illegal drug?) or a Raised Table really is, then please do!

And, just for fun, here are their main questions, in a web form. Note that Lewisham Council will not be receiving the results here – if you want them to receive your thoughts, find a printer and postbox! It took me about 5 minutes to knock up:

Image at the top is (probably) copyright Lewisham council, although it has been lovingly stitched back together by me, as it was split across two pages for some reason.

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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, Blackheath
Everywhere outdoors in Blackheath is packed on a sunny day. Everywhere except this one garden. It’s lovely. And they sell great tea and cakes.
A robin in the Secret Garden


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Photos of the Heath Before and After Climate Camp

As suspected, the climate camp clean up was pretty much perfect.

As published on Indymedia, here’s a photo during the camp:

During the Blackheath Climate Camp, photo by Indymedia

And here’s the same location afterwards:

After the Blackheath Climate Camp, photo by Indymedia

Photos by Indymedia, who I think operate a copyleft image policy.


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Beware hoodies at the station

Blackheath new station sign bigger
Peter writes:

Please can you let Blackheath folk know to keep an eye out for hoodies at the station. Our lad (only 11), on only his second day at his new school, got off the train at Blackheath, and three hoodies on bikes, hit him for no reason. It happened on the platform at around 4.30pm yesterday.

Not a very nice way to start school.


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Photos from Blackheath Funfair 2009

Blackheath Funfair 2009 by R.I.Pienaar

“The gigantic machines of cheap jouissance that towered in the heath’s vast expanse, swinging screaming youth back and forth”

A great set of photos here by Flickr user R.I.Pienaar

Another set from last year here.

And the quote from the previously mentioned nastybrutalistandshort article – although I’m not sure exactly what jouissance is, and neither is Firefox…


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Climate Camp -The Aftermath

Sundown on Blackheath Climate Camp by Flickr user Eddie C

… or not. All in all, Blackheath seemed to do pretty well out of the Climate Camp. The people in Provender looked as though all their Christmases had come at once (well, they said they’d been busy). The Hare and Billet looked busier than I’d seen it for a long while, despite the worsening choice of beer (all seems to taste like vinegar these days), and the miserable sign on the loos “toilets are for customers only”.

What I’d really like to know is- has anyone taken any before & after shots of the Heath? I reckon the protesers will have cleaned up pretty well after themselves, save for the odd strands of hay and a couple of fire-pits. It would be nice to compare the two photos.

Personally, I went to some great workshops, saw more people on my patch of the interweb than ever before, and now have a strong desire to go and build a wind turbine. Maybe they should hold it in Blackheath every year, like a kind of Blackheath Burning Man.

Photo by Flickr user Eddie C


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