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Cricket Match and Race For Life

Apologies for lack of posts. I’m away with the lovely Mrs Bugle until July 5th. Don’t forget the Race For Life on July 4th, from 1030am. See—blackheath–04-jul-11.aspx and search my posts from last year, if you need to see the approximate route etc.

Also, Blackheath Society writes that:

“A reminder that the annual cricket match between the Blackheath and Greenwich Societies is being held on Saturday 26 June from 2.30 p.m. in GreenwichPark. Spectators are most welcome – the weather is looking good so do come and support the team. We hope to get the ‘Golden Elephant’ trophy back in the Chapman House office!”

Back soon!

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Review of the Farmers Market

Nice review of the Blackheath Farmers Market here, also picked up by Lonely Planet.

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Bike and Kite Video

Lovely video of the Bike and Kite Festival by youtube user kristalismurphy

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Proper photos from the Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival

Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival
Here are some photos from the first day of the Bike & Kite festival taken by someone with an eye for a photo, rather than me.


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I Heart Blackheath

Lewisham council handing out badges at the Bike and Kite festival, in return for ethnic profiling. Bargain!

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Photos from the Bike and Kite Festival 2010

Here are a few snaps taken at the beginning of the Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival 2010. Not as many people as last year, not as sunny, but loads of wind. A wonderful Sixties psychedelia guitar kite flying through the air, and a joker that is the stuff of nightmares. Go and take a look!

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Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival 2010 on Saturday!

Here are a few tips from the locals, to all the people who will be descending upon Blackheath over the weekend, for the Bike and Kite Festival.

Take an umbrella. If it rains, you’ll need it, and if it’s sunny there’s next to no shade on the heath, so you can hide under it when you get too hot. The pubs will be packed, so best to come with supplies. (Nicholas, the off license in the village does a very nice dry cider).

Take a bike. Don’t drive – there’s almost no parking in Blackheath at the best of times, and over the weekend it will be even worse than usual. Plus, if you take your bike, there’s usually a free Bike Doctor at the festival who will check your tyres, gears, brakes, etc.

Take a kite! Just don’t take a good one! Loads of people will be flying them, and there’s a good chance you’ll get tangled up (happened to me last year)…

There are usually a few really good plant stalls, if you feel like stocking up. Other stalls include advice from the council about recycling, bike & kite sales etc.

Make sure you know what to look out for! There’s an expert’s guide to the kite performers here at The Kite Society.

Finally, if you know anything about Kite Aerial Photography, bring your rig, so that you can improve on my hopeless effort!

Below are links to my pages from the event for the last two years:



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Steaming through Blackheath Station

Chris writes:

“Just happened to be waiting for a train the other day at Blackheath station when a steam train came rushing through. It was the Cathedrals Express (apparently travels to Cathedral cities) – managed to get a pic – came out OK for a rushed mobile pic I think, quite evocative of a bygone age”

A trainspotting friend of Chris’ then added:

“It is fantastic – this is Tornado, the newly built steam locomotive – between trips on the main line, it is sometimes kept at Hither Green – probably it was on its way back from central London and was taking a long way round via Dartford so that it could be turned and would end up facing in the right direction.”


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Mini funfair on the heath

Mini funfair on Blackheath
UPDATE: This is an old post – for info about the funfair at the end of August 2010, go here!

There’s a fun fair on the Heath! It’s only a small one, and they’re still setting up as I write this, but it looks like a nice manageable size, not like some of the massive sprawling fairs over on the Greenwich end of the Heath. Definitely aimed at younger kids, there’s a mini helter-skelter, a merry go round, lots of inflatables, a bungee trampoline, a big wheel, as well as dodgems (as used by non-specific Royalty, see photo below) and other arcade-type attractions along the back row of the fair for adults/older kids.

It’s open from 12-9pm today, and 2-8pm on Sunday.

Mini funfair on Blackheath

Here’s a Google map showing a GPS trace around the perimeter, and a few rides nearby:

(PS: Thanks to Mrs Bugle for looking after the blog during my trip away!)


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