My god, what an ugly statue.

Clarendon Hotel Garden Statue, Blackheath

I popped in to the Clarendon Hotel the other day, looking for the definitive Blackheath history book “Blackheath Village & Environs” by Neil Rhind. I thought I ought to get a copy if I’m writing this blog, as it would be good to have a better understanding of the history of Blackheath.

Clarendon Hotel, GardenAs it was a sunny day, I thought I’d check out their garden at the rear of the hotel. If you haven’t been, you’re not missing much (as the Phantom pointed out). It looks a bit like a 1970s council block from the rear, which is a shame as the front looks quite impressive. Full of tacky garden ornaments too, like the beauties shown above.

I sat down for 5 minutes, and tried to do a crossword. Nobody asked me if I’d like to order anything, so I went off, book in hand.

If you’d like a copy of the book, but can’t get to the hotel, they also sell it in The Bookshop on the Heath, or you could try amazon or abebooks.


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4 responses to “My god, what an ugly statue.

  1. CC

    My partner and I actually ventured into the Clarendon Hotel a few months ago in anticipation of grabbing some breakfast. We were also seduced by how lovely the front is, but when we walked inside, it was a quick turn of the heel back out onto the street. Seriously, a ghastly hotel that has spent all its renovation money on the front!! And no doubt, your photos of the back prove my point.

    By the way, the best place for breakfast so far is Cafe Rouge – followed closely by Chapter Two (the price there is quite disappointing however).

  2. Anonymous

    Apparently you spotted a postwar gem, now being saved by Historic England:

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