Blackheath Village Day


Great to see the village lights working again – much better than last year!   Mysterious sightings of pigs notwithstanding, the whole day was full of music, events, food and drink.  Really good effort.  My range of fabric bags will be available any day now…


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  1. Blackheath Ann

    Glad to see the lights back on and there’s more now the trees have been illuminated. It all looks very festive. I’ll have a bag if you’re making them…a nice eco-friendly, non-plastic shopping bag that can be used again and again. They could feature iconic images of village life. The pig and ferret of course (sounds like a good name for a pub), lots of trees and greenery, food and drink, books (we love books), music, kids on scooters and bikes, the lovely sky over the heath, disgruntled people waiting for trains, traffic congestion..noo what am I saying :-)

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