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Ikea and air quality

Interesting post on 853blog:
Ikea claims Greenwich store ‘would improve air quality’

Furniture giant Ikea claims its proposed Greenwich store would improve air quality in the local area, according to documents sent to Greenwich Council.

But its detailed figures show any improvement would be “negligible”, while pollution would actually get slightly worse at Greenwich Millennium Village.

I think a serious bid to the local assembly for 10 Air Quality Eggs (about £120 each) around the area, monitored from residents homes would be an interesting proposition.

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Forever and ever amen

Anonymous writes in a previous comment:

Another application now before council. Good cause and in the right location away from homes. But why in perpetuity rather than annual renewal to take account of any problems?

Good Hope Festival Ltd, Blackheath – area bordering Shooters Hill Rd, Prince Charles Rd & Goffers Rd, London SE3 0TZ
Plays, Films, Live Music, Recorded Music, Performances of dance, Anything of a similar description & Sale of alcohol on the premises
The first full weekend in August every year
Saturday 11:00 – 21:00
Sunday 12:00 – 21:00

Anyone know why licenses are offered in perpetuity?

(Gratuitous title link because I can)


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Don’t worry the chip shop hasn’t gone

Soon to return with a delicious collection of Turkish cuisine, sucuk, olive oil based hot and cold mezzes, and delicious olives from around the region.. Only joking, I’m sure they’ll be providing crimes against food again soon. Can’t say I haven’t occasionally been tempted as I walk past though…


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Ebenezer Smith

ebenzer smith sign blackheath
Jon writes:

I thought you might be interested in an old enamel sign I acquired some years ago.

Certainly am! The shop is mentioned in Bob Lands Memories of Blackheath post:

Ebenezer Smith was not an undertaker but an upholsterer, but his shop did look like an undertakers.

It’s mentioned in Blackheath Village and Environs (the green book):

Ebenezer Henry Smith (1872-1933) furniture dealer – pages 15,95,96,98,155
He bought the shop in 1899 form Robert Crickmore. His furniture and upholstery business remained in Blackheath until 1965, and he became a respected member of the Blackheath Chamber of Trade. He also added funeral undertaking to his commercial interests (this was quite common among furniture makers and upholsterers in the 19th Century). His shop was mostly left in the hands of a manager: until 1914 under the control of G.P. Baker, who was killed on active services at the end of that year; and from 1918-1946, A.G. Shapland, who became a director when the firm was constituted as a limited company. On Shapland’s retirement the business was controlled by Ralph Ebsworth Smith DFC (d1980), Ebenezer’s son. In September 1965 the upholstery business closed down, and was taken over by Messrs Findlater, Prentice, the wine and spirit merchants then trading at No 41 Tranquil Vale. The company was eventually absorbed by a large retail wine and spirits’ group and now trades as Wine Rack, a division of Threshers.

I make Number 41 the Costa coffee shop, not where Threshers was? I thought Threshers was on the other side?


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Don’t forget Blackheath Assembly tonight

There’s a Blackheath Assembly tonight at 7.30pm, in St Matthews Academy, SE3 0XX. See the leaflet shown here. Perhaps some sort of preparation for next year’s Christmas lights could be discussed?


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Paved paradise…



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Christmas tree recycling 2014

Close Enough by flickr user Greenzowie
Just like last year, Greenwich council will collect your tree if you leave it out with your rubbish. Lewisham council want you to trudge over to your nearest park with your tree.

Greenwich Council:

If you would like us to collect your real Christmas tree you must remember to remove all decorations then leave it next to your green-top bin on your normal collection day. Make sure you leave your tree where it can be easily seen by the collection team.

Lewisham Council:

Take it to one of these designated places, or pay £15 to have the council collect it from your door. Note that the pins on the map are VERY approximate – please correct them if they’re in the wrong places.

As I said last year, I cannot understand why two councils differ so much over such a simple thing. We need a randomised controlled trial to work out the optimum way to dispose of Christmas trees. Hope Greenwich wins…

Photo: Close Enough by flickr user Greenzowie.

UPDATE: As James points out, anywhere to the right of this line is Greenwich, so perhaps we will see more Christmas trees next to the bins on the right hand side of this line…
Greenwich Lewisham boundary in Blackheath via OpenStreetMap


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