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Girl collapsed at Blackheath station

Two ambulance-people attending to a girl who had collapsed on the up-ramp from Blackheath station – swarmed by rush-hour passengers. She was sitting up and conscious when I passed. The ambulance people seemed very helpful and attentive. Hope they don’t get cut back like everything else.

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More than 4000 people against closing Blackheath Library

The fight back against Lewisham Council continues – over 4000 people have signed the petition against closing Blackheath library, and in the blog below, Alan Gibbons suggests that the council were already planning the cuts before the new government came into power:

Latest from Lewisham Libraries Campaign

What Lewisham are proposing is intellectual vandalism. It should be stopped. If only that building was listed!


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She’s Electric

PowerPod in Blackheath for electric car charging

There’s a mysterious addition to the car park. Looming at the back, near the payment machine, is a PodPoint. Despite looking like a Cylon, it’s actually a docking point for electric vehicles. The scheme costs £50 to join, but the electricity is free (at the moment).

Much like the BorisBikes, there is a live map, showing whether the points are available, in use, or broken:

Unlike the BorisBikes, there’s actually one in Blackheath! So, my question is – has anyone used one? Does anyone in Blackheath own an electric car? How is it?
podpoint close up in Blackheath

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Blackheath hit and run: police asking for witnesses

As reported by many people yesterday, there was a car crash at the junction of Stratheden Road and Charlton Road around Blackheath Standard yesterday, resulting in the death of an elderly lady. An eye-witness emailed me with this info:

Two cars were chasing each other like lunatics and going at very fast speed, I reckon about 90mph. They both nearly hit my car on the Charlton Road before the first one went out of control and crashed into the pedestrian traffic island opposite the Old Dover Road (near M&S)

The really awful thing is that they collided head on with a pedestrian who was killed outright. She wouldn’t have stood a chance at the speed the car was going. It was so fast, that the car took most of the concrete and railings with it.

Amazingly, the driver and passenger weren’t injured but then got out of the car and tried to run away. At least one of them was chased and caught by some builders in the area.

I know the police are keen to take more witness statements of anybody who saw what happened. They really want to get a conviction since this poor pedestrian died so I wondered if you would mind publicising this.

If you know anything, you can call 0300 123 1212 to get through to Greenwich Police.


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Blackheath Standard Time

Completely London by Flickr user Garry Knight
This photo of an estate agency in Blackheath is brilliant. And how often do you get to say that?

The new Foxtons, which is replacing the army centre, (see here and here previously), will have a hard time living up to that… Especially given that 135 people didn’t think it was appropriate to build another bloody estate agents in Blackheath – from the council’s planning page:
Foxtons planning permission on the Greenwich planning site
Incidentally, I emailed the council asking them why they approved it, given that it was 135 against and 1 in facour. They replied, informing me that they had approved it. So I asked why again. Still waiting for a definitive answer. Planning laws seems so opaque in this country.

Clocks photo by Garry Knight on Flickr.


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Vodafone ad shot in Blackheath

Do you remember the “More Mysterious Filming in Blackheath” business a few weeks back?
Well, Sonja has written in, to say that her son has spotted the actual ad:

Look at about 14 seconds in. It’s rather a “blink and you miss it” moment, unlike the epic version of the Bookshop on the Heath, that appeared in an episode of Spooks last year.

Screenshot below – she’s either annoyed about her stupid boyfriend, or perhaps SouthEastern Trains have screwed up again:
Vodafone ad shot in Blackheath

By the way, whoever did the music edit at 32 seconds in should be shot. Or at least, buy some new razor blades…


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Greenwich refuses to fund Blackheath Fireworks

Fireworks being prepared on Blackheath by twitter user niponravel
As mentioned on, Greenwich Council has decided that it cannot afford to co-fund the Blackheath Fireworks with Lewisham Council. I guess this is just the beginning of the cuts to come…

Last year’s fireworks being prepared on Blackheath by twitter user niponravel

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