Bacon Blackheath and Pears

Fatted calf bacon by flickr user SixyBeast

Pear by Flickr user Vanessa Pike Russell

Isn’t Twitter wonderful? You too can discover that former Blue Peter presenters are eating pears and running around Blackheath! At least he didn’t write “Nom nom nom” at the end of the message like some people insist on doing

Photos from flickr user SixyBeast and Vanessa Pike-Russell respectively.


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2 responses to “Bacon Blackheath and Pears

  1. Anna

    I *thought* I saw Richard Bacon running across the heath a couple of months ago – and then I thought I was imagining things…. Thanks for confirming my sanity!

    I also saw Jo Absolom (Matthew Rose in Eastenders, several years ago) crossing the road in the village a few months ago. What a celebrity hotspot this is!

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