Blackheath ready to swallow oysters?

Travel by Bugle

Simon writes:

Southeastern trains will be using Oyster Pay-as-you-go within the year, so I thought that people might like to know about a brilliant discount you can get if you have a Railcard. It is little publicised, but you can get Railcards (Young Persons, Senior, Disabled and Forces) added to your Oyster card. This will lower the off peak daily travelcard cap by 34%.

So travelling from Blackheath (zone 3) off peak will cost a maximum of £3.80!

Further details here.

Thanks Simon, although the Bugle will never understand the TfL pricing structure as long has he lives…

UPDATE: There is some discussion about whether this is accurate – see the comments below.

And ever since losing his £1000 per year railticket and receiving a snotty letter telling him “Don’t do it again”, he’s starting to consider investing in a high quality colour printer and some photoshop skills….

I love this travel tip that I read a while back in the Grauniad, although I’ve no idea whether it really works:

The most stylish and ridiculously brilliant fare-saving tactic, however, is this: do you travel around the country reasonably regularly after 10am but don’t qualify for any discount cards? Wherever you live, march into your nearest station and demand a season ticket for the three-minute journey from Ryde St Johns Road to Ryde Esplanade on the Isle of Wight.

This, the cheapest season ticket in the UK, will set you back £116. Buying a season ticket automatically gives you a “Gold Card” – which entitles you to a third off almost all off-peak UK fares. You can also upgrade to first class for £5 return on most of your journeys if you want to give yourself a treat.


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4 responses to “Blackheath ready to swallow oysters?

  1. darryl853

    “which entitles you to a third off almost all off-peak UK fares” – ’tis wrong, I’m afraid.

    It only applies in London and the south-east – the old Network SouthEast area.

  2. If you’re over 60 and entitled to a senior railcard, you’re also entitled (assuming you live in Greater London) to a Freedom Pass, which gives you free travel on buses/Tube/DLR/a few other services 24 hours a day, and after 9.30 on SE Trains and other National Rail suburban services — so there’s little need to put a senior railcard on to an Oyster.

    But, when Oyster PAYG comes to Blackheath and other National Rail stations in London, will they extend Freedom Pass availability to 24 hours too (because the rail companies will be able to count travellers and bill the councils for the service, as does TfL I think)?

  3. No point in having a senior railcard loaded onto an Oyster — if you qualify for the senior card, you also qualify for the Freedom Pass, which gives free travel after 9.30 on suburban trains and 24 hours a day on buses, tubes, the DLR, Croydon Tramlink and a few other services.

    But when Blackheath and other suburban stations get Oyster readers, the way will be open to get 24-hour free travel on Freedom Passes too, as the rail companies will be able to bill councils (as does TfL) for the trips.

  4. John

    But if you don’t live in London so can’t get a Freedom Pass, but visit often enough to justify your own Oyster, then it would be worth getting the crumblies railcard loaded on in order to get the PAYG discounts …

    I may have to tell my parents.

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