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Paved paradise…





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Banners and bunting going up in Blackheath

Olympic banners by twitter user HennaK5
Twitter bursting with photos of the flagpoles near the “Big Screen” site, as well as bunting along the high street. The photo above is by twitter user @HennaK5

Bunting going up in Blackheath by Jo Brodie

Banners by twitter user @MrsQmusic


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Mini Cooper on fire

A mini cooper caught fire in the high street last night. Spotted by Twitter user @edlewisfrench.


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The picturesque bus stop

Bus stop in Blackheath, illuminated by the sun
I’ve spotted this bus stop looking iridescent several times on my new (and hopefully to be continued) running route. This photo, captured by twitterer Neil Clasper captures it well!


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Blackheath in the blogosphere today

Interviews with Londoners has a short interview with a homeless guy called John, who sleeps on Blackheath. Not sure if being homeless is quite as romantic as it comes across in the text, but it’s worth a read.

Sharp Single goes for an in-depth analysis of the Blackheath Farmer’s Market, and Blackheath itself:

…there’s little more to the village than 6 curry houses, 7 pubs (sic) 8 hairdressers and 93 estate agents. If you want to rent a flat, have your highlights done and scoff Nepalese food, you’re in luck. There is a heel bar (Cobblers to the Pope), the world’s most expensive electrical store, a video store (closing down) and some kind of weird, gothic, travel agents which I’ve never seen anyone go into or come out of. Think of the fancy dress shop from Mr Benn and you’re nearly there.

Not sure it’s accurate (I reckon that the market is cheaper than Sainsbury’s if you stick to fruit & veg) but it put a smile on my face.

The Westcombe Society are exercised by illegal walls erected by the Hexagon Housing Society, and fretting about the London Marathon.

Oh, and someone who works in the Marketing department for a private school in Brighton went to a golf club yesterday, and wants you to vote Tory if you live in Eltham.

On the other hand, Labour are tinkering with parking regulations in St John’s Park. But don’t despair, because someone called Juptin says that he just saw:

“A bloke with a tabard that said Belive in Lord Jesus Christ carrying a huge wooden cross on Blackheath Hill.”

So perhaps we’re all about to be saved. Or not. Me? I’m heading back to the golf club for a glass of champers… Not.


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Tales of the Village

CostCutters sign Blackheath
Sent by lukebishop on twitter a few days back (I’ve been catching up lately):

The most ridiculous/brilliant positioning of two shop section signs ever! Costcutters, Blackheath http://twitpic.com/9pz45

And if you’re going to read the book from the photo, make sure you read them in the right order, starting here.

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The pub problem

If there is going to be a South East London Tweetup (despite the supposed ban on adding the letters TW to the beginnings of words that shouldn’t have them), then it is going to be in a pub in Blackheath. Great! Easy for buglers, but seems to have left the organiser @troublebrother with a problem. All of the pubs in Blackheath have something missing… As he says:

  1. The railway, has a cider festival at the moment, for drinkers this may to place. However ifs its a nice evening not much space out side
  2. O’Neils . No
  3. Hare & Billet Lovely wood floors but can’t go outside. Not much space in side if Tweetup goes massive
  4. The Crown. Has a terrace, which can get busy in the evening.
  5. The Princess of Wales. Trumps the Crown in terrace stakes, as it potentially has whole heath. Also has shrine to Blackheath Rugby – my troubled mistress.

Personally I’d go for the Hare and Billet every time if the beer was a bit better. You can lurk outside on the heath (they will give you plastics though). It’s quieter and isn’t constantly heaving with people… Unless you really want to go to the secret weapon – The Dacre Arms! Although technically I think it’s just outside Blackheath. I agree with his O’Neil’s argument too.


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Bikes, Kites, tweetups and bollards…

Bits and bobs for you – the Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival now has its own site, instead of having to navigate around the Lewisham Council’s website:  http://blackheathbikeandkite.com/

Twitter user @troublebrother is organising a meeting of South East London Twitterers…  The Bugle is a bit shy, but may make an appearance, as Blackheath won the hotly contested location battle over Greenwich!  The date still has yet to be decided, probably last week of June or beginning of July.  I’m sure you’re allowed to go even if you don’t send “stupid little messages™!  The website is http://seltwitup.wordpress.com/ You can follow the plans as they are drawn up by searching for #SELTweetup in Twitter.

And finally, the Bugle has lovingly entered this photo of the bus stop’s busted bollard into fixmystreet.com – thought you’d like to know.
Bus stop's busted bollard next to big budget bazaar


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Bacon Blackheath and Pears

Fatted calf bacon by flickr user SixyBeast

Pear by Flickr user Vanessa Pike Russell

Isn’t Twitter wonderful? You too can discover that former Blue Peter presenters are eating pears and running around Blackheath! At least he didn’t write “Nom nom nom” at the end of the message like some people insist on doing

Photos from flickr user SixyBeast and Vanessa Pike-Russell respectively.


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Twittering in Blackheath

The Blackheath Bugle on Twitter

Blackheath Bugle gets addicted to Twitter.  Image by carrotblog.com

The Blackheath Bugle is now twittering (tweeting?).  Twitter is really handy for keeping up to date with events and news stories, a bit like sending text messages to groups of “followers”. It doesn’t cost anything, and from now on, each new post on this blog will appear at http://twitter.com/blackheathbugle.  However – the image on the right by carrotblog.com may serve as a warning.

If you have an iPhone, try Twitterrific for reading messages, it is free and works really well.  If you’re on a PC, just use the twitter.com website.

Of course there may be an occasional rant if the mood takes me.. Join up now and say hi!

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