Blackheath missile videos

England prevails.


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28 responses to “Blackheath missile videos

  1. lewishamgardens

    Not that Im bored or anything!

  2. Anonymous

    “You have 20 seconds to comply.”

  3. Anonymous

    Personally, I think these missiles could come in *very* handy.

  4. SEH

    Are these missiles armed with nuclear warheads? I am extremely concerned to see that these have been located so close to the Village, and the surrounding homes and schools. Let us hope that they are never used.

  5. Bob Land

    Replying to SEH.

    You don’t really think that they are armed with nuclear devices, do you ?

    I don’t think that the intention is, to shoot down an aircraft with a couple of terrorists in it, and in the process completely annihilate London and a huge swathe of the surrounding area.

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you for clarifying that Mr Land. I have been extremely troubled by the deployment of the missiles on the Heath, and can now sleep peacefully in my bed.

    • SEH

      I wouldn’t rest too soundly in your sleep chap. During the test phase, the missiles won’t be armed with nuclear warheads, but they will be during the Olympics.

      • I’ve read nothing about the warheads being nuclear. It sounds extremely unlikely to me.

      • Ash

        Missiles gone today, only the portaloo left standing. Have they buried the missiles? Makes sense from a security point of view, I guess. Do any ex military chaps know if burying the missiles will hamper their capability?

      • What on earth makes you think they would do that?!

      • Franklin


        You are an idiot.

        Everyone knows they’re using neutrino-fused antimatter missiles, which will cause the Universe to collapse in on itself instantaneously.

  7. Ash

    I’m concerned as to why they would leave the portaloo and not the missiles. Not much of a challenge to Al Quadea, now is it? They must have buried the missiles – makes sense from a security perspective.

    • Anonymous

      That is an outrageous suggestion, burying missiles on the Heath. First I have heard of this. I shall consult the MoD. The portaloo has also gone…buried with the missiles I guess?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve known some portaloos in my time that would be a bigger deterrent than most missiles!

  8. Chris

    Ash – having blurted out an Official Secret about the missing missiles, I’m afraid The Bugle is going to have to shoot you….

    • Bob Land

      Ah, the missiles have now become a secret single missile, i.e. they have buried the portaloo, together with one soldier and one missile inside, which he will launch with a catapult if and when necessary , someone should actually go over and check the Heath, to try and find a grass covered trap-door, and maybe if no one is around, offer the poor blighter a cup of tea, but do not give him a sticky bun, because it might impair the catapult’s elastic band.

      • Anonymous

        There appeared to be a fine mist in the air on the Heath earlier. Leaking from the buried missiles? The grass was also wet, as if the mystery gas had condensed.

      • Franklin

        They had to bury them packed in six tonnes of dry ice – to keep the antimatter warheads stable. Hence the light misting.

  9. Anonymous

    Surely the missiles were buried a long time ago , maybe under the circus site ? We are safe as any plane shot down could not land on blackheath

  10. Andrew N

    SEH: Rapier missiles have NEVER had, nor will have, the ability to deploy a nuclear device. These are anti-aircraft missiles. Nuclear would be over kill to say the least. It is scurrillous rumour mongers like you who create panic and inflame debates without having any basis in fact.

  11. Trog

    I’m concerned about the noise that these missiles will make. Can we be assured that they will not be fired after 11pm?

  12. Anonymous


    I live in Adelaide, Australia but somehow got onto this Forum.

    I was brought up most of my childhood in Blackheath. Wondering if anyone would like to reply to me !!

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