Army begins setting up missiles on the Heath

Army setting missiles up on the heath
Apparently there’s a (hopefully not too practical) demo for the media at 2pm? Photo by @alexbrooks on Twitter:

Councillor Kevin Bonavia has sent a copy of the MoD leaflet over. You can view it here.

Don’t forget – they haven’t taken a decision on whether to deploy missiles on the heath yet. I’m sure they’ll come to their senses after a short period of consultation. Because that’s what usually happens.


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5 responses to “Army begins setting up missiles on the Heath

  1. Are you sure that’s the Army up there on the Heath, Mr. ‘Orn, and not the funfair folk setting up shop? Those shots are RATHER remote, aren’t they?

    On the other hand, I guess there’s not much in it … really … come to think.

    Reminds me of the Duke of Wellington: “I don’t know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me.”

    And that’s the whole point, I suppose.

    • No idea to be honest… If anyone else knows, or has better shots, send them my way! Regarding the Duke of Wellington, we can only hope that the missiles aren’t real…

      • Anonymous

        I had a decent close-up yesterday afternoon as they were setting up but tried and failed to work out how to send it to you. Pasting it into the ‘reply’ box on this site didn’t seem to work and I couldn’t find an email address either, so I gave up. Sorry for being sub-technical in this instance, but it would be useful for the future (and perhaps for others too) to know what to do in the unlikely event of another scoop coming along. Looking forward to my 0.15 mins of fame one day…

  2. @blackheathbugle: “… we can only hope that the missiles aren’t real…”

    > > > > > >

    If the missiles being deployed are dummies and that leaked to the media it would be the end of posh boy and his cack-handed coalition crew. Can you imagine the headlines – “GOVERNMENT DEPLOYS FAKE MISSILES

    No, Mr. ‘Orn, make no mistake, those Rapiers on the Heath will be the real thing. Even a botch-up chancer like Cameron wouldn’t risk deploying fakes.

  3. SafeasHouses

    Just received a communication from Lewisham LibDem councillors informing that “Dummy missiles have already been deployed on Blackheath opposite the Cadet Centre on Hare and Billet Road” for local residents to take a peek at. Apparently an MOD chappie will be on site between 4 – 7pm tomorrow, Friday 4 May, to answer questions.

    Apropos something else entirely, beware! There is a new camera in Bennett Park designed to catch people parking outside Lloyds Bank while they access the ATM.

    And another something: Heath House Prep School annexe is now up and running in the ex Village library in Blackheath Grove. Huge increase in traffic at dropping-off and pick-up times.

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