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Election day – don’t forget to vote!

Polling Station, Blackheath, St Michael's Church, London, SE3
It’s election day. The polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm. However you choose to vote, please don’t forget!


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Referendum results for Blackheath

Polling Station, Blackheath, St Michael's Church, London, SE3
Results from the referendum for Lewisham and Greenwich, according to this page.

Interesting that Lewisham’s AV vote had a majority of just 745 people (out of 57,113 people who voted).

Name Yes vote Yes % No vote No % Electorate Turnout Turnout %
Lewisham 28184 49.35 28929 50.65 172573 57113 33.09
Greenwich 20618 39.16 32039 60.84 158603 52657 33.2

(I can’t get the national total percentages to add up correctly on their spreadsheet though… Can you?)


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Bet this advert disappears from Lewisham on Monday…

Make sure nothing stops you voting. Unless we run out of ballot papers, don’t have enough people available to hand them out, or end up turning angry voters away towards the end…

“Police were called to a polling station in Lewisham, south London, where about 300 people had still to vote by 2200 BST. ” BBC News

Spotted outside Lewisham Library, on the way back from TFC, near the people handing out Islamic leaflets, within earshot of the plaintive trumpeter…


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Blackheath ballot!

Dear Blackheath, please don’t forget to exercise your democratic right today. The bugle’s nearest polling station (pictured) was reasonably busy at nine o’clock this morning. Regardless of your political slant, make sure you use your vote! There is a really interesting, non-partisan website called Vote Match, which may help you to make up your mind (or to regret your decision, having voted!)

Do have a look at it, it lays the individual mayoral candidates policies out very clearly. And of course, theyworkforyou.com and writetothem.com should also get a mention, whilst on the subject of political web-tools.

Blackheath Goes to the Polls

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