Election day – don’t forget to vote!

Polling Station, Blackheath, St Michael's Church, London, SE3
It’s election day. The polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm. However you choose to vote, please don’t forget!


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9 responses to “Election day – don’t forget to vote!

  1. Sad panda

    For those living in central Blackheath- where is our polling station? I chucked out the polling card by mistake? And the cut off time?

  2. SadPanda

    hullo- again- is anyone able to clarify where my polling station is- if i live on Montpelier Vale, and Im in lewisham council register.. and what do i take as ive lost the card thingy
    thanks! Panda

  3. Anonymous

    You can find all London polling stations on the London elects website: http://www.londonelects.org.uk/im-voter/where-vote\

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