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Sorry for the lack of posts. Holidays and work all at once. No excuse I know, and I was sad to miss the Race for Life.

Rachel writes:

I heard that on Tuesday last week (3 July) Blackheath councillors had a meeting with constituents attended by a representative from the Olympics police, to hear/answer their concerns about the Olympics. Could I ask please if this meeting was written up and reported anywhere in a newspaper or on the web? Did anyone tweet from the meeting?

The South African Times thinks that “middle class leafy Blackheath” is far less concerned about the missiles than Bow. I beg to differ.

I see that there’s till no advertising on the station’s new wobbly bridge. Yet…

Councillor Kevin Bonavia replied:

In answer to Rachel’s question about what happened at the Blackheath Assembly meeting on 3 July, we had a return visit from the MOD and Metropolitan Police Olympics liaison officers, who gave a presentation and took questions from residents. I don’t have a full note of everything that was said, but we were given copies of the attached leaflet for Blackheath residents as prepared by the MOD. The leaflet gives much more detailed information than that contained in the earlier version circulated back in March. In particular, it provides a response to my commonly shared concern about security of the site, namely that it will be protected by armed police in addition to MOD personnel. Please also note the contact details if there any questions that fall outside the leaflet.

MOD Missiles Leaflet (pdf)

The Missile Hotline is 07879 603506. They say that you can leave a message and a representative of the Ministry of Defence will call you back. Alternatively, you can email LONDIST-MoDOlympicsEnquiries@mod.uk


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Transcript of missiles debate

The Hansard transcript of the missiles debate between Phillip Hammond and Heidi Alexander is now available:




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Missiles ‘a disgrace’

Missiles on Blakheath

The Press Association writes that:

A major military exercise in London to test security ahead of the Olympics “achieved its objectives” and final decisions on whether to deploy equipment including surface-to-air missiles will now be taken, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has said.

Philip Hammond, the ‘defence’ Secretary also says that:

“The exercise achieved its objectives and I’m confident we are well placed to deliver this important role.”

The objectives of getting the BBC and ITV to point their cameras at a couple of authoratative army generals standing in front of missiles, comparing them to golf bags.

Local MP Heidi Alexander asked:

“It is my understanding a final ministerial decision has yet to be taken (on missiles at Blackheath).

“When will that decision be made and will the Ministry of Defence (MoD) be in direct contact with residents who live in close proximity to the proposed sites to inform them of the decision?”

Mr Hammond said: “You are right. We have now received the military advice on the outcome of the exercise that took place and ministers will now consider that advice and make a final decision about the deployment of ground-based air defence systems.

“As you would expect, when a decision is taken it will be made first to this House but I will ensure the Army then engages with residents who live in close proximity to the sites to make sure they are aware of all the ramifications of the decision, if the decision is indeed taken to go ahead and deploy.”

So with the Olympics starting next month, they still can’t decide whether putting missiles on the heath to blow up aeroplanes over London is a dumb idea.  Or perhaps they have already decided, but are deferring the decision until the last possible moment.

Interestingly, there’s no mention of whether the missile’s guards will be unarmed, as was suggested in one of the previous local leaflets.

By the way, the quotation marks in the headline are mine.  If they can editorialise through scare quotes, so can I…


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Blackheath missile videos

England prevails.


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Missiles demoed on Blackheath – BBC News

Missiles on BBC News
BBC News package about the missiles. No voxpops.


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Blackheath Missiles on ITV News

Blackheath missiles on ITV news
I don’t know about you, but I always feel far more informed after I’ve watched three voxpops. Thank goodness they didn’t interview anyone important.
Missiles on Blackheath Common – ITV News


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Army begins setting up missiles on the Heath

Army setting missiles up on the heath
Apparently there’s a (hopefully not too practical) demo for the media at 2pm? Photo by @alexbrooks on Twitter:

Councillor Kevin Bonavia has sent a copy of the MoD leaflet over. You can view it here.

Don’t forget – they haven’t taken a decision on whether to deploy missiles on the heath yet. I’m sure they’ll come to their senses after a short period of consultation. Because that’s what usually happens.


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