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Blue Plaques, Saucy Postcards, and Lunar Craters in Blackheath

Blue Plaques – there seem to be quite a few. In Bennett Park alone there are three. Having seen them a few times, I thought I’d look them up. If you know of others, please contact the bugle!

The most interesting one is in the big building at the end of the road – called The Blackheath Art Club (even though the Blackheath Expensively Renovated Flats might be a better title). It was the site of the GPO Film Unit, where the film Night Mail was made:

Bearing in mind this was made in 1936, and was a big success, it must have been an exciting place to work. There is more about the GPO film unit here.

Blackheath's Donald McGill Blue Plaque

Then there is Donald McGill down at the other end. According to Wikipedia, he was the best known illustrator of saucy seaside postcards… And was fined by the courts under the 1857 obscene publications act, because of his designs in 1954.

Blackheath\'s Arthur Eddington Blue PlaqueFinally there is another one almost opposite McGill, belonging to Arthur Eddington.

Eddington was a mathematician and astronomer. He was the first English-speaking astronomer to properly understand Einstein’s theory of Relativity, was a Quaker, a conscientious objector, and is about to be portrayed by Doctor Who (alright, David Tennant) in a BBC Drama called Einstein and Eddington, alongside Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

And next time you look up at the moon, have a look for Eddington Crater.


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Blackheath ballot!

Dear Blackheath, please don’t forget to exercise your democratic right today. The bugle’s nearest polling station (pictured) was reasonably busy at nine o’clock this morning. Regardless of your political slant, make sure you use your vote! There is a really interesting, non-partisan website called Vote Match, which may help you to make up your mind (or to regret your decision, having voted!)

Do have a look at it, it lays the individual mayoral candidates policies out very clearly. And of course, theyworkforyou.com and writetothem.com should also get a mention, whilst on the subject of political web-tools.

Blackheath Goes to the Polls

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