Daily Archives: May 30, 2008

The Guilty Hair Cut

Chandler Wright Hair in Blackheath is good.

It’s very good. They cut hair well.

They offer you drinks and newspapers.

They have a huge vase containing Bird of Paradise flowers tastefully displayed in the front window.

But they charge at least £40 for a man’s hair cut. I realise that this makes them no different to the majority of high street hairdressers around these days.

Maybe the Bugle is getting old, but he remembers when a haircut was done at a barbershop with a spinning red & white pole, and cost £4. Maybe I should try the other barbers in Blackheath?

The barbers on Tranquil Vale looks the part, but is it any good? Once you’ve found one that hasn’t been a disaster, it’s difficult to switch…


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