The Princess of Wales Pub, Blackheath

The Princess of Wales pub, Blackheath

The Princess of Wales pub is definitely one of the better pubs in Blackheath, but only on weekdays. It becomes a seething hell-hole on sunny weekends, as anyone who lives nearby can testify.

Princess of Wales pub, blackheath, pint of landlord

They have a good selection of ales, and reasonable pub food, although they do insist on using white pepper, which, as Mrs Bugle pointed out, is a peculiar thing in this country… Everyone else in the world seems to use ground black pepper for seasoning food, and most places in the UK use it too, except for pubs, which almost always offer that nasty sneezy sandy white pepper.

Princess of Wales pub blackheath pepperpot

According to the Blackheath Bugle’s new Blackheath Bible, “Blackheath Village and Environs” by Neil Rhind, the pub was also the location of the first voluntary fire service in Blackheath, after a number of houses burnt down in the 1830s. Before this time, water was often used from the Blackheath Swimming Baths to fight fires.

Prince of Wales pub plaque 1

Prince of Wales pub plaque 2

It was also the location of the first Rugby Union club, according to these plaques, and this handsome fellow.

Princess of Wales Ruby Player

It has a nice garden at the rear, recently renovated, although they do insist on putting picture frames on the walls outside, which seems a bit strange.

Princess of Wales Pub Blackheath Back Garden


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24 responses to “The Princess of Wales Pub, Blackheath

  1. Maisie

    Best time to go to the PoW is the afternoon about 3/4pm. Sit with some wine and relax. Then leave when the heaving masses appear.

    Mind you The Railway is starting to overtake PoW in my affections. It’s cosy, has reasonable pub food – especially Sunday lunch and it has those nice comfy chairs at the window which are ideal for people watching.

    • Had my recent B’day party at the POW . .was a seething mass of people on sunday – but food good and beer not bad too ( best beer is Royal Standard) . My prbelm is wilth the shabby decor – seats are dirty and foam hanging out , tables dirty and paint peeling off ……..needs a 2 week close down and some TLC .

      Also pub needs the log fire working – was so cold in theere .

      RAILWAY – altogether slightly better but agree avoid busy weekends …

      Try the VANBRUGH pub – quirky and nice food/beer and excellent film nights .

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  3. noel

    do you not think the PoW should take some responsibility for the rubbish left all over the Heath by their customers? They are banking the profits after all. I have never understood why their licence doesn’t depend on them employing a student or two to clean up the mess after a hot weekend day.

  4. blackheathbugle

    Absolutely! And I said as much here:

    But I don’t really know how the licenses get approved, and whether the council could stipulate such things during negotiations?

  5. Anonymous

    i disagree strongly, people would sit there on the heath the pub was there or not plus the staff already clean the rubbish that is created by the pub e.g. plastic glasses and bottles why should they clean up other peoples rubbish just because lazy people can’t be botherd to clean up after themselves, if your so concerned go clean it yourself. Also half of the people who sit are not costomers of the pub

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  8. Keith Dawson

    Which Princess of Wales is the pub named for?

  9. Caroline of Brunswick, George IV’s wife. They separated (how things have changed) and she lived in the Ranger’s House

    • Neil R

      Princess Caroline of Brunswick (never Queen Caroline, as so often miswritten) although appointed Ranger of Greenwich Park, lived not in Rangers House (note, no aspostrophe) but in the house to the south called Montague House. It was demolished in 1815, some say out of spite by the Prince of Wales, later George IV. Her mother, Duchess of Brunswick and George III’s sister, lived for a while in what became Rangers House.

  10. Nat C

    Best pub is the Hare and Billet, cheaper than the POW, friendlier staff and gorgeous food. Huge selection of beers and wines too and just generally cleaner and nicer than the Princess – no garden is the only downside but I’d take that over an over-crowded unfriendly pub..

  11. Anonymous

    “Georgeous” food?!?
    I suggest a taste bud transplant.

    • Nat C

      bit harsh! well every time i’ve been there it’s been nice, and it always seems to be busy for sunday lunch on sundays.

  12. Nia

    My fiance’s dad ran the PoW in the 80’s and it was him and his brothers that laid the HUGE patio out the back. We went for lunch recently and it was a lovely blast from the past for himself!

    • Anonymous

      Worked at the pow from December to October 1980, Danny and Jane Wiltshire were the managers then , they had a daughter Sian. We were always tring to get her to say “Gadday Mate”great pub, nothing like that in Australia. Would love to see it again,

    • Val

      Danny and Jane Wiltshire were the managers when I worked at the POW. In 1980. Any relation Nia? Great time ,would love to go back and check it out, had first white Christmas in 79. The Heath was covered in snow and from upstairs it was magic, great time.

  13. James

    Now the refurbed Crown can give the POW a run for it’s money.

  14. Anonymous

    Burnt food, poor service, snubbed by manager on Sunday 13th November 2011 at 18:00 when very few customers in bar, and little

    demand on kitchen at that time….

    FIsh and Chips, with Mushy peas and a good pint of ale or 2.. Have visited many times being local to us and alway senjoyed the

    fish and chips, unfortunately, this will be the last time we visit after dreadful food and very poor service.

    On arrival, asking at the bar if the fish and chips are still on, knowing they are popular and sell out at times, and being 6 in

    the evening, to our pleasure, they were still on.

    Unfortunately when the food arrived, we both received a portion of mushy peas in a ramakin that had clearly been cooked, left,

    reheated and left to dry out before being served as they had a crumbly texture!!! I returned the mushy peas to the bar and

    politely advised of them that was not happy with these, and asked them to dispose of and not to replace them . At this point,

    these were quickly hidden under the bar, i was blanked and then another customer served. I return back to the table…The fish,

    looked a little over done, but decided to cover it with vinegar and lemon and dive in as was hungry, annoyingly, we realise we

    should have just returned the entire meal, on turn the fish over, the underside was almost black, i had several charred chips

    stuck to the underside of my fish and the lemon and vinegar did little to mask the taste of the burn batter from the fish.

    We ate the chips and ate the Fish from inside the burnt batter, but decided to make a complaint about the poor quality of the food

    tha previously has been very good, we were told that the manager would be alerted of this and would speak to us and we would be

    offered some kind of compensation.

    After half an hour of waiting for the manager to return to us, we left, We werent offered compensation, a drink on the house, or

    even an apology or from the manager that we were expecting to see. We are resonable people, we were polite to all of the staff we

    spoke to, we made it clear we were regular customers, and that the food was always good, such a shame that we had bad food, and

    also had poor service from the staff regarding a complaint that was very valid, Total shame, will be a while before we go back,

    PLEASE DO BETTER PRINCESS OF WALES , and to the manager, thankyou for not bothering to take our polite complaint seriously, all we

    wanted was an appology, we got snubbed.


  15. Anonymous

    I haven’t been to the POW in ages since they closed the front bit. I have been going into Hare and Billet for my local as it seems to be less crowded and even though there is no garden, they have heath access and the pond across the way. Also, they are now hosting the work photographer who is doing a expo on Blackheath. I bought a lovely heath landscape for £99 that I am giving my brother for xmas. Worth checking out.

  16. Kate

    Love the fact that Anonymous signed his name at the end of his post.

  17. Val

    Great pub to work in 1980. Mostly Aussies then, fires always lit, it was really clean and had a great atmosphere.

  18. This place is always hit and miss. There is not a big selection of pubs in the Heath, but this is definitely one of the better ones (well, I only go here or hare and billet or railway – never dream of the crown or o’neills) and it certainly seems to be in its good phase again. It has been truly terrible on many previous occasion with the previous male landlord clearly not caring at all about its patrons. Horrible food,or service etc… Have been visiting for the past 4 years and it’s definitely in a good state again, although get more nut roasts! I agree that there are good times to visit before it gets swamped with groups of less than desirables, but afternoon or week nights it’s a great pub. Let’s hope it lasts!

  19. @Silviarothlis

    Love this pub! specially because they offer Früli Strawberry beer on tab!

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