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Good Hope Festival on the Heath – license in detail

Good hope festival map proposed
As mentioned on Twitter, Lewisham council don’t currently put their license applications on public display. You have to request them. So I did… Here they are. These are not mine, but I believe there’s a strong public interest in them being seen by as many people as possible. If I’m ordered to take them down, I will.

Google doc links
Event management plan

Festival site plan:

License application:

Original files
Good Hope Festival Event Management plan

Good Hope Festival Lic App

Good Hope Festival Site Plan


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Better Blackheath Village

Blackheath Society have published their Better Blackheath Village Project (pdf). Here’s a quick run down of the winners and losers:

India Jane (pleasing shopfront apparently.. I say a displeasing lack of DVDs)
Pizza Express Restaurantisation, but loved by most.

BLOODY FOXTONS (And their poxy illuminated signs.)
Costcutter (Ugly Fascias).
Montpelier Coffee (illegal A frames? Not top of my list, but fair enough…)
The universally hated bus lane.
The Crown: No Jumbrellas please.
Locale: Society is annoyed about the planning permission. (Never mind the food).
Lewisham Council: Still handing out late night licenses willy nilly.
Network Rail: Want to build crap flats next to the station instead of getting the trains to run on time. Blackheath Society rightly unimpressed.
Library Square: The vultures are still circling. Nobody is prepared to admit who the vultures belong to.
Library block: Still very much in favour of knocking down the old library and building something else there it seems. How about another library?
Post Office: Society not totally averse to the idea of closing the sorting office. With it will come crappy opening hours for picking up undelivered mail.


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James Abbott’s book

Image from Narrative of a journey from Heraut to Khiva, Moscow, and St. Petersburgh, Volume 1. by Sir James Abbott
From Google Books, the complete volume 1 of James Abbott’s book (he of the previous post): Narrative of a journey from Heraut to Khiva, Moscow, and St. Petersburgh, Volume 1.

PDF PDF Version here. Image above from the book scan (book is from 1843, so is out of copyright).

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Blackheath Music Festival – details emerge

Blackheath Music Fesitval map
onBlackheath, the organisers of what was previously referred to as the Nimby Music Festival, have just released a PDF, with more details of the proposed festival.

The PDF can be found here.


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Climate Camp message to activists

Blackheath Climate Camp pdf
Received today:

This is an invitation for you to join us at a Climate Camp Blackheath residents de-briefing session happening this Saturday the 19th September at the West Greenwich community and arts centre from 3.15 to 4.15pm.

We hope that you had a chance to attend the Climate Camp at some point over the bank holiday weekend and that you found it an interesting and enjoyable experience. Obviously we are aware that our presence may not have been appreciated by everybody and we would like to take this opportunity to discuss with you your experiences and views of our Camp, and in turn to hear our reasons for pitching our tents in Blackheath.

Please see this link (http://www.radicalactivist.net/resources/blackheathposter.pdf) for a poster containing more information about the meeting.

Perhaps Blackheath’s spare £9k could be spent on a little wooden windfarm?

I’d love to be there, but I’m afraid I’ll be running away from the UK to go and marry Mrs. Bugle – thus making her name slightly more appropriate. Did I mention that this blog was her idea? Anyway, happy camping Blackheath, see you in a few weeks.

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