Foxtons lies

Foxtons non illuminated fascia sign
Here’s a wonderful thing. Above is a photo of Foxtons in Blackheath. Does that look like “non-illuminated fascia” to you? No, didn’t think so.

Which is interesting, as their planning consent clearly states that their signage doesn’t light up.

Advertisement consent was approved in September 2010, in
respect of the installation of non illuminated fascia and projecting sign.

It also states that they must not open on Sundays. And yet every Sunday, there they openly selling overpriced flats to the good residents of Blackheath. Because council planning rules don’t apply to people who can afford to flaunt them.

They’ve currently got a planning request in with the council to adjust the opening hours to include Sundays. I’m sure it will be approved. Maybe they could put a children’s library in the basement at the same time?

The council should either enforce planning rules or just not bother and go home. I’m sure there are other useful services they could spend the money on.

(thanks to 853blog for the tip-off).


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17 responses to “Foxtons lies

  1. They’re lit up as brightly as Baskin & Robbins’ ice cream parlour was when it opened in Brixton when I lived there in the 1970s. And look as tasteless.

  2. Anonymous

    Booo Foxtons

  3. Mazer

    This perfectly sums up what Foxtons are all about…they just don’t give a damn, they give all estate agents (not always fairly) a very bad name.

  4. Can you not make a formal complaint?

  5. Maisie

    Yet somehow Momo Franks was closed down due to planning violations and even Starbucks has been stymied by the council. They have that large space yet can only operate as a retail outlet. I’d argue both Starbucks & Momo Franks would offer a lot more to Blackheath than another estate agents (yes *even* big bad Starbucks is better than Foxtons!

    Yet Foxtons get away with this? Are Lewisham planning committee looking to sell their homes in the near future??

    Agreed with hatefoxtons – Has no one complained?

  6. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    @Maisie — the Foxtons bit of Blackheath is in the LB of Greenwich, not Lewisham. Starbucks is in the Lewisham bit. Different planning authorities. The boundary runs along the middle of Lee Road up from Lee Green then heads east along the railway line to Pond Road, so the SE corner of the village is Greenwich and the rest is Lewisham.

  7. Dr Nick

    Alan is spot on here, and there’s a mildly interesting anecdote around the initial planning application made by Foxtons.
    Local residents (me too) at the time (about 18m ago IIRC) received anonymous notes urging people to complain and object to Greenwich’s Planning Dept. about the change of use application. (It was an Army recruiting office before).

    The “interesting anecdote” is in the fact that Greenwich Planning contacted various local societies and associations in annoyance, because of the number of objections it received! (AFAIK, no local societies/assocs were responsible, and nobody ever owned up to the notes).

    The Foxtons-Momo Franks dichotomy (which sounds like an episode of The Big Bang Theory) is due to the different approaches which the separate departments take, IMO. (Momo Franks didn’t have the right planning usage class, and a change of use application wasn’t made. Absurdly, the licensing committee still granted them a licence. They said it wasn’t their business whether a premises had the right planning usage class, and they couldn’t refuse a licence just on that basis. I asked if I could apply for a licence for my bedroom.)

    If anyone’s upset about the Foxton’s illuminations and opening hours, I’d suggest contacting the Blackheath Society – they have an active interest in the built environment in Blackheath, and have specialist committee members dedicated to planning issues.

    I’m moved to ask why on Earth Foxtons are bothering though. I’ve only ever seen people in there 3 times since it opened, and at least 1 of those was people who’d mistaken it for a cafe.

    • I might try that this sunday. Sit in there for a few minutes reading my paper, then ask them for a fizzy water from the bar…

      • Dr Nick

        So I went past several times on Saturday and Sunday, and only saw one person in there, once.
        He was sitting at the back, with a laptop – perhaps they do indeed have free wireless?
        Otherwise the front desk person sat forlornly reading and otherwise occupying the yawning existential chasm of The Weekend.

        Anybody else spot any people inside Foxtons?

        Any report from the Bugle, too?

    • Ing

      Ha ha! I thought it was a cafe when I first saw it.

  8. scared of chives

    ….contact the Blackheath Society? nah, they’re too busy trying to ruin the enjoyment of 1000s by protecting ‘their’ heath….bad as each other….

  9. Alex Grant

    I am asking about this with the Planning Department at Greenwich Council (I am a Labour councillor for Blackheath Westcionmbe ward which covers this part of the Village) and will let you know what reply I get.

    Alex Grant

  10. I had a look at this on the way home today. Looks like maybe they are getting away with it because it’s just a plate glass window, with the lights behind the window. It’s not a separate illuminated bit at the top of the window, it’s inside. Sneaky.

    Wish it could have been a proper shop of some sorts there. A nice old-fashioned model shop, or a good toy shop for all these kids around.


    • I’m talking about the bright yellow sign jutting out from the shop.

      • Yeah, that’s definitely there and against the consent. So is the illuminated facia, really…

        Did anyone just see the red Virgin helicopter take off, just now? Looked like it landed and took-off from the Pond Road park (where the old pond used to be). Air Ambulance?

  11. Anonymous

    The sign is still most illuminating! Any updates?
    Many thanks

  12. Adrian

    The planning application is definitely for a NON ILLUMINATED Sign. Its here:

    Unfortunately, most of the docs have gone.

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