Good Hope Festival on the Heath – license in detail

Good hope festival map proposed
As mentioned on Twitter, Lewisham council don’t currently put their license applications on public display. You have to request them. So I did… Here they are. These are not mine, but I believe there’s a strong public interest in them being seen by as many people as possible. If I’m ordered to take them down, I will.

Google doc links
Event management plan

Festival site plan:

License application:

Original files
Good Hope Festival Event Management plan

Good Hope Festival Lic App

Good Hope Festival Site Plan


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8 responses to “Good Hope Festival on the Heath – license in detail

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for this. I don’t think you will be ordered to take them down as the Blackheath Society sent them to their members last week, so they are already in the public domain (as long as you are a member!)

  2. Anonymous

    The Licence application says it is for the full 1st week end in august every year.
    Does this mean granting in perpetuity? Like the Nimby application.
    And what happens if someone one else would like to apply to use that area on the heath in the future years on the 1st week end of August?

  3. Rob W

    Let’s wait to see the music. May be a good gig! Might be great for the local economy too. The climate camp cleared out the village of booze and they left the site immaculate.

  4. George

    This looks like a good initiative. Hope it gets the go ahead.

  5. Kate B

    I like it that it’s essentially for a local charity, and a necessary one, set up under tragic circumstances. But I’m also worried that the Nimby festival (whatever it calls itself currently) is also still on the table. Can the Heath and its locality – people, infrastructure – really accommodate two large festivals a month apart?

  6. Anonymous

    The On Blackheath/Nimby Festival- how frightfully middle class! Break out the £100 wellies and the extortionately priced craft beers! Benefit the local economy and community?-how exactly? How many Lewisham kids will be able to afford the £50 tickets? Having done so, how many people are going to leave the site and walk half a mile to Blackheath village, thereby missing the acts they’ve forked out for, just to look in estate agents’ windows or buy a top from Whistles? And to those who massively patronise the middle aged in Blackheath, guess who invented rock and music festivals in the first place?

  7. Gina

    When it comes to the fragile nature of the Heath, is there really any difference between 15,000 people turning up for a rock festival and 15,000 turning up for the Mizen event? Both are enclosed functions with paid entry and neither is suitable for this environment.
    Blackheath consists mainly of gravel covered by a sparse layer of soil in which, my botanising friends tell me, grow a number of small but rare plants. The likely damage to the fabric of the Heath from one, let alone two, large-scale events this summer is worrying, as is the noticeable silence from all parties about traffic and parking issues. You can’t keep drivers away by simply announcing that an event is car-free!
    Why can’t we protect the Heath by limiting larger functions to those that are free and open to all – the fireworks, the Marathon, the occasional big screen for example? There are more suitable sites for music festivals in Lewisham, so let’s leave the Heath to the kite-flyers, dog-walkers, footballers, runners, cyclists and picnickers who are its regular users.

  8. Anonymous

    Licence hearing on Wednesday. Objectors flying out of the woodwork ranging from Greenwich councillors to Lewisham’s licensing officer [including, it seems, an OnBlackheath organiser]. Things could get heated if a commercial festival is approved but a worthy local charity is refused.

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