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Good Hope Festival on the Heath – license in detail

Good hope festival map proposed
As mentioned on Twitter, Lewisham council don’t currently put their license applications on public display. You have to request them. So I did… Here they are. These are not mine, but I believe there’s a strong public interest in them being seen by as many people as possible. If I’m ordered to take them down, I will.

Google doc links
Event management plan

Festival site plan:

License application:

Original files
Good Hope Festival Event Management plan

Good Hope Festival Lic App

Good Hope Festival Site Plan


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Blackheath pubs open til 4am?

Bottle of Stella smashed on the pavement in Blackheath, found on Sunday morning

Lewisham Council are about to reconsider the rules around late licenses for bars in Blackheath.  This is carried out through a piece jargon known as the “Cumulative Impact Zone”.  The long and short of it is this:  if you like the fact that there is less vomit, fewer broken bottles, windows, and hearts on a Saturday morning in Blackheath, there’s a good chance that it is down to this piece of legislation.  It makes it harder for licensed premises to request later licenses.  Let’s face it – if you want to go out on a late night bender, Soho isn’t that far away, and you can get a night bus back to Blackheath.

But, according to a recent email from the Blackheath Society, we need to send emails to the council, telling them to keep the “Cumulative Impact Zone” (couldn’t they have found a catchier name?).

So, if you want to stop all the pubs opening til 4am every night, you might want to send something along the lines below to licensing@lewisham.gov.uk :

Dear Lewisham Council.  Please maintain the Cumulative Impact Zone in Blackheath  As a resident, I believe that it has noticeably improved the lives of people in the area.  I think that there is less crime, disorder, and public nuisance late at night as a result of the zone.

There’s more here from the Blackheath Village Residents Association, but the only relevant page I could find on the council’s website about this is here (which is where the zone map, shown below, came from).  A page from the Society’s original request is here, but there’s nothing else about it on their site at the moment.

Map of the Cumulative Impact Zone in Blackheath by Lewisham Council

Dear Member,

We wish to draw your attention to this subject again, in view of what we see as the importance of the CIZ in limiting the impact of late night noise and nuisance associated with licensed premises in Blackheath. The position was explained in our December Newsletter.

Our discussions with Lewisham’s Licensing Department have made it clear that there can be no certainty that the CIZ will continue in force following the forthcoming review of Lewisham’s Licensing Policy. However, its continuation will be more likely if representations are received from residents and organisations. The Society has already written to urge the continuation of the CIZ.

However, letters or emails from individual residents may well be more effective than those from organisations, and we hope that Members who are or have been affected by noise and nuisance will make their views known by writing or emailing as soon as possible. A copy of the Newsletter item is attached to this email, with details of the address to which letters or emails should be sent.

Any members who would like to discuss the matter before writing should contact Julian Crispin (8852 6338) or Frank Smith (8852 6390).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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