Mrs Bugle now slightly more “Mrs”

Greenwich Meridian by Flickr user Lady Madonna
I proposed to Mrs Bugle on the Meridian line at Greenwich Observatory yesterday. She said yes. Which was nice. Lots of people clapped. She started crying, but I’m assured that it was in a good way. This blog wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t started one first. And I love her. That is all. :)

Photo by Flickr user Lady Madonna.


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19 responses to “Mrs Bugle now slightly more “Mrs”

  1. Rania


    All you need is love…..

  2. Sarah

    Congratulations to you both!

  3. Bob Land


  4. That’s great, good luck to you both.

  5. siobhan

    Sweet. Congratulations.

  6. Blackheath Bird


  7. Lucy

    Many congratulations, a life time of happiness awaits.

  8. Kate

    Wow, congratulations!!!

  9. Louise1980


  10. Clare

    Ahh, that’s lovely – congratulations!

  11. Blackheath Ann

    How wonderfully romantic and generally all-round lovely! Hope you have many happy years enjoying life together in the fab Blackheath environs. Whoo! and thanks for all the work you put in making this great blog.

  12. Congratulations to you both!

  13. Justin & Stavroula

    No feckin’ way! :) Congratulations both!

  14. darryl853


  15. Missed this! Congratulations – marriage is a very good thing.

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