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The more it snows…

Snow in Blackheath station
Tiddlypom… Mrs Bugle took this shot this evening, despite me complaining that it was too cold, and please could we get back to our nice warm home. I’m sure you’ve all taken many artistic shots of the lovely snow, so if you have, please send me the links!

Can’t remember who mentioned it on Twitter, but it was something like

“As this snow has been well predicted, presumably the trains will run like clockwork in the morning…”

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The Sleepwalker may give you nightmares

Blackheath Gallery
If you get a chance, have a look at what’s on display in the Blackheath Gallery at the moment. The paintings by Ray Donley are quite spectacular. I’m not sure I could cope with them staring out at me from my walls – they are generally sinister and occasionally terrifying, but beautifully painted. Don’t rely on the links I’ve selected – they’re much more impressive in reality.

Also Alexis Raggo’s bizarre minature clay totem poles are like a manifestation of the Voynich Manuscript and something from Myst combined. Well worth a look.

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