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Panorama of Blackheath in the snow

Blackheath Snow Panorama

Click the snowy landscape above to enlarge!

Taken by Mrs Bugle with her ageing Sony k800i mobile phone, complete with panorama functions and proper focussing lens, unlike my poncey iPhone.


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More Blackheath in the snow

More photos of the snow in Blackheath and Greenwich! I think we need a Blackheath igloo! This page says it is easy…. And this one says it isn’t.


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As suspected. No trains to London. No buses at all. No taxis from Blackheath taxis for 3 hours. And the train ticket office is shut.

Interestingly the newspaper vendor next to the ticket office is open. I asked him “how come you can open up but they can’t?”. “they are not serious, I think!”. Amen!


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