Minutes from the pop festival licensing meeting

It is the same guy. Quite a detailed report of what they intend to do. Would love to know how they plan to restrict sound from moving through the air. Thanks to Lewisham Council for responding so quickly to my request!

Minutes of the meeting (Google Docs).


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9 responses to “Minutes from the pop festival licensing meeting

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  2. Ed

    At first glance seems to have experienced staff on board . let’s hope locals get free tickets !

  3. Tom

    Fantastic. I love music festivals.

    I currently live in Hackney, right in the spot where everyone clears out from the about seven music festivals each year which take place in Victoria Park, plus fireworks etc.

    It has almost no impact on my life, except I get to go to music festivals on my doorstep.

  4. Nicole

    I enjoy going to a music festival – the heath compared to Clapham Common (SW4 ) etc is small in comparison. However, after the Climate camp last year and living in such close proximity to the heath – I do not think this is a good for the area / residents near by – there was a large amount of noise generated and this is unfair to residents. Why are they holding it on the heath as opposed to the park which is wallled in and can be away from residents?

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