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Christmas Tree-age

I’ll definitely stop the terrible headline puns soon, I promise. It seems that Greenwich council will pick up your old tree with their usual green bin collections. Lewisham council on the other hand want you to go to one of these locations to drop off your tree. I’ve no idea where you put the tree when you get there:

* Hilly Fields – Hilly Fields Crescent entrance, SE4
* Deptford Park – Scawen Road entrance, SE8
* Telegraph Hill – Pepys Road/Kitto Road entrance, SE14
* Talbot Place – Blackheath, SE3
* Mountsfield Park – entrance top of George Lane, SE13
* Sydenham Wells Park – Wells Park Road entrance, SE26
* Forster Memorial Park – entrance top of Whitefoot Lane, SE6
* Northbrook Park – Baring Road entrance, SE12
* Mayow Park – Mayow Road entrance, SE23
* Chinbrook Meadows – Amblecote Road, SE12
* Manor House Gardens – Old Road entrance, SE13
* Beckenham Place Park – Old Bromley Road entrance, BR3

Again, two wildly different approaches from the two adjacent councils. Lucky Greenwich people…

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