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Bus Lane Camera – £1m fines this year?

Good article in the Evening Standard about the bus lane camera of doom. I’ve had loads of emails about this from various unhappy people. It seems like a hell of a tax. I can’t actually find the camera in question on Streetview, but might take a wander later to pinpoint it. If anyone spots it, please add a comment below.

I seem to remember someone telling me that in South Africa people often shoot at speed cameras. (I’m not suggesting that as a course of action!)

Bus lane camera that is set to take £1m in fines from drivers this year

In just over three months since going live, the Blackheath camera generated Lewisham 3,742 tickets — more than £220,000 in fines….

It means it is on course to earn at least £900,000 if the tickets are paid promptly, securing a 50 per cent discount, but more likely to be well over £1 million….

…A leading criminal barrister is contesting a £60 ticket he was issued. Rupert Bowers, who has defended multi-million-pound fraud cases brought by HM Revenue and Customs, is now turning his attention to Lewisham.

In the comments, Kate points out:

The camera is on the wall of Felicity Thingy estate agents, above the late lamented chocolate shop, very high but pointing straight up the road. It’s not painted yellow or anything useful.

Added a Google Streetview image above.


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