Map of Parking in Blackheath

UPDATE: If you’re thinking of driving to the Bike & Kite Festival, don’t. There won’t be any spaces, and the place is crawling with traffic wardens.

A new project… Inspired by Bugle-dad coming to visit, who doesn’t share my penchant for Oystercards (“Take a train? Don’t be ridiculous!”) I’ve had to spend a good while in a car trying to find somewhere for us to park. Aside from this revealing that I have little or no concept of what a one-way street is, it also demonstrated that parking in Blackheath is a right Royal-Standard pain in the backside!

So, I’ve started trying to create a map of parking for non-residents in Blackheath.  Anyone can add to the map, so please click on the Google Map here, and add some more info!  This is an experiment, so if I find the map filled with adverts for viagra, I may switch it back to being privately edited…  Please only add places where the public can park, not residents parking (which most of the roads seem to be).


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18 responses to “Map of Parking in Blackheath

  1. I don’t have the willpower to learn how to annotate a Google map, so here are a few possibilities that you might want to add yourself:
    1) Montpelier Vale part that extends from the church drive is the same deal as the church drive.
    2) There are a couple of free spaces on each side of the Lee Rd 50-100 meter beyond Blackheath Park.
    3) Along Lee Park, I’ve parked in spots that are free and not resident-restricted. The farther down the street from the village center, the better your chances :)

    The Station Car park is entered from Hurren Close and costs £1 an hour. It’s the best bet on Saturdays, in my experience.

  2. adequatelyaverage

    I’ve added a couple more…. the obvious parking spaces outside Zero Degrees and Pizza Express…

    I think I did it wrong though… you used a shape, I drew a line!

    Oops! sorry!


  3. Blackheath Ann

    I find it easier to use visitor’s parking permits as there is so little free parking about and the meters are too pricey. We are Lewisham borough and the parking shop sells such permits to residents, meaning that any visitor can park in a resident’s bay for a lot less than the meter or carpark. Not sure exactly how it works for Greenwich borough but I think they have a similar voucher system.

  4. Thanks Steve – I’ve made the lines a bit bigger…

    Ilya- that’s handy to know, but have a go at the map if you can, otherwise I’ll only go and stick them in the wrong places…

    And Ann, that sounds like a good plan, but I might just starting forging fake passes and posting the templates on the blog… or maybe not….

  5. By the way, if you switch the map to Satellite view, can zoom in more, which makes it easier to draw the boxes.

  6. Ed

    Off topic I know but does anyone know of free parking near North Greenwich tube. I only know of the expensive 02 ones. Buses take over 35 mins from blackheath station. Thanks

  7. Peter S

    Decided to visit Blackheath for the first time in many years last Sunday. Drove around for about an hour before eventually finding a parking space near POW pond. Still not sure if it was legal but didn’t get a ticket. The whole area is besieged by dozens of meaningless road signs. What chaos!

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  9. Ben

    The parking spaces on Lee Terrace are now double yellow lines. So now there are even less spaces in Blackheath!

  10. Ally

    Wow, really useful. I’m reviving rather an old post I know but came across this as I’m visiting BH at the weekend. Just thought i’d mention the website for the farmer’s market says sunday, not Saturday:

  11. Nick

    If you are a pissed-up chav with loud car radio, you can park on the heath outside the Princess for free.

  12. heartofthevillageresident

    I may be wrong on this but, surely, residents’ parking bays have unrestricted parking outside of controlled hours, eg on Sundays? I’ve had a long-running correspondence with Lewisham Council about lack of enforcement of parking restrictions in Blackheath Village. For example, parking on Montepelier Vale on Sundays. The council’s attitude is that their budget does not enable the CPZ to be properly enforced outside of working hours. Although the council does have a roving patrol on Sundays by and large parking restrictions are not enforced. I fell foul of the roving patrol a couple of months ago at 8am on a Sunday morning when – loading my car before setting off for Dover for a two month trip away – I was issued a penalty charge notice for parking in the loading bay on Blackheath Grove (for some reason a favourite overnight parking space for visitors to historic Blackheath Village). I had left the car for no more than 5 minutes to return to my home just round the corner on Tranquil Vale to collect more luggage. Ironically, for some time I have been pressuring the council to enforce parking restrictions in the loading bay so as to enable Greggs (amongst others) to make their night time deliveries without causing nuisance to residents. I suppose it serves me right for leaving the car unattended for few minutes. I appealed but lost.

  13. Phiona

    I parked in the loading bay in Blackheath Grove so that I could take 2 bags of clothes to the Cancer Research shop for charity. I had to make two trips as they were quite heavy. Only gone about 5 mins each time but came back to find a very young warden writing me up a ticket. I asked what for and he said he had been standing there for 5 mins and not seen me load or unload. I dont think he had been standing there for 5 mins at all but I believe the loading bay is for 20 mins anyway so surely they need to be there for the full 20 mins before issuing a ticket rather than just assuming after 5 minutes that no loading or unloading took place. Its ridiculous. Try to do something good and get slapped with a £130 fine, for something I should not have been fined for in the first place! Grrrr. Rant over, there is free parking at Kidbrooke Gardens, not as close as some places but still only less than 10 mins walk to the train station.

    • heartofthevillageresident

      For future reference – at certain times you can unload more or less outside the CR shop on Montpelier Vale now that the bus lane has been cancelled. The Blackheath Grove car park is also nearby.

      The Blackheath Grove loading bay is needed to give commercial vehicles an alternative to unloading on Tranquil Vale where they cause havoc by obstructing the flow of traffic. In recent times the wardens have become much stricter about enforcing the Loading Only restriction on Blackheath Grove because the bay is widely abused by motorists using it as a temporary parking place. Also, there is a lot of pressure from commercial logistics companies to make nightime deliveries from Tranquil Vale. Those are a huge nuisance for people living in the immediate area. One of the excuses the logistics companies use is that the Blackheath Grove loading bay is occupied during the day.

      Before issuing a PCN wardens are obliged to take before and after pictures with a time insert. If you feel that you left your vehicle unattended for less than 5 minutes then you should appeal the PCN.

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