Ah Shepherd Foods… You cruel mistress…

Don\'t be fooled by the guy staring into the Estate Agents...  He\'s thinking about wasabi peas...
I love you, but I hate you… You purveyor of strange green Japanese snacks, and ridiculously overpriced essentials. I try to avoid you, I tell myself that I will do a proper shop this week, and get all my groceries from scary Tescbury’s or grim Sainsco, but somehow you are always there, winking at me as I leave the station… “Come on, you know you haven’t got any Greek yoghurt… And that milk in the fridge has probably gone off by now”. Dig your Australian Fizzy Ale though. It shouldn’t be good, but it is. Still, you probably give Shelter a run for their money in your care for the homeless…

Coming to a landfill near you soon.


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13 responses to “Ah Shepherd Foods… You cruel mistress…

  1. They have a very clever pricing structure which means they get all the money you have on you regardless of what you need and still manage to provide you with less than you want.

  2. confusedtwenty

    I avoid this place like the plague as I’m always drawn to paying £6 for Lucky Charms cereal!

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  6. I found a very friendly and nice place near the Royal Commons with a cook’s figure smiling outside the place and took a Sheperds pie that was supposed to come with three vegetables – no, it came with SEVEN fresh and good vegetables!

  7. RD

    Would a Waitrose or an M&S food shop look out of place in the village? Yes, I realise I’m too lazy to walk to Sainsbury’s in Lee…

  8. Liz Burke

    Beware shoppers. I bought 3 baking potatoes in Sheperd Foods Blackheath. The man who served me did not give me a receipt until I asked. When I got home, I realised why. He had charged me £2.59 for a kilo of red onions!

    • Adrian Kimberley

      I have been boycotting Sheperd’s for 3 years now. They gave me a foreign coin which looked like a £2 coin. When I complained they made me wait for 10 minutes while they checked the CCTV. At that point I had been shopping there almost daily for years.

    • Mary Simpson

      Im sure this was a simple mistake,i have been shopping there for many years and have always found them very friendly and honest.

      • Yes a mistake, to treat a regular customer like a dishonest oik. There is no excuse for this level of disrespect to a customer who spends many hundreds of pounds a year in your shop. Even if had been ripping them off was it good policy to lose these hundreds of pounds for the sake of a £2 coin? I don’t think so.

  9. Bernie

    I would like to say Shepherds Food in Blackheath staff’s customer service is really good, been shopping there for many years it has always been brilliant. I can always find the little things I need if not an alternative is always available….

  10. I’ve been under-changed in there before you do have to watch the staff sometimes. Still it’s better than a tesco metro …

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