The case of the disappearing pond…

We have an old map of Blackheath, from 1895, (probably bought from the wonderful bookshop on the edge of the common), which clearly shows a pond, adjacent to Pond Road, in the bottom right corner. When I looked on Google Maps, I noticed that it has disappeared. Does anyone know when and why? Click the maps to enlarge.

The pondless Google Maps version is here (link to actual map here)

And here’s an overlay of both maps together


The Bugle finally managed to wander up Pond Road today, after voting, to take a look at the absence of pond, and a few pics. After walking past lots of very big houses, eventually I found this:

Where the pond used to be in Blackheath

Look at the way the trees appear to have sunk into the ground. A dead giveaway.


The curve of the path around what used to be a pond in Blackheath

Note the curve of the path – running in a big circle around the green. I wonder what it used to be used for? I could imagine people bringing their livestock to drink from the pond, as I guess the area would have been more agricultural back then.


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7 responses to “The case of the disappearing pond…

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  2. Bob Land

    This area next to Pond Road , used to be marshland in the 1950’s, and the area between Paragon Place and Pond Road was woodland.

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  4. My friend Paul Gross (b. Greenwich 1937) remembers the pond when he was a schoolboy, so that would be about 1947-8, he tells me that he and his friends used to muck about in and around it on the way to school – I expect it was filled in when the nearby council housing was built.

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  6. Bob Land

    I remember the Pond being there, after the war and in the earl fifties, but it seemed if my memory is correct, to be a rather marshy area, it smelt very marshy.

    On the other side of the road opposite the Pond site, this was all woodland area right up to Paragon Place.

    I believe that this was all destroyed to make way for a housing estate in the fifties

    Bob Land

  7. The picture with what appears to be the crossed trees: that happened the night the hurricane swept through the south east – I lived directly opposite on Pond Road and saw this sight as daybreak broke. It never looked the same again.

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