Daily Archives: December 17, 2014

Missing sausage dog

Eimear writes:

My little sausage dog Holly is missing and has been sighted in the Morden Road area of Blackheath Village in the last few days. I’ve put up posters and searched and asked around. People have been very kind. She was last seen near the white gate on Morden Road coming out of the green gated garages – yesterday afternoon.

I’ve searched and called but obviously can’t go trespassing on people’s property. I think I heard her barking tonight. But she stopped after a short time, afraid perhaps to call attention to herself in the dark. This was in the Plantation/Swayne Place area. I think she is holing up in gardens. Could you please, please send out a plea for people to search gardens, sheds and garages. It is so cold for a small dog to be lost. She is friendly on approach. I need the next person who sees her to hang on to her and contact me (07904033338).


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