LibDem leader coming to Blackheath on Monday?

UPDATE: It’s Momday, not Sunday. Sorry!

Chris Maines (Libdem mayoral candidate for Lewisham) mentions on Facebook that Nick Clegg will be coming to Blackheath on Monday morning, at 10am. He says that he’ll be basking in the yellow glow outside Everest Inn? Can’t find any reference to this anywhere else on the internet, but if true, it seems that Blackheath can haz lib dems


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4 responses to “LibDem leader coming to Blackheath on Monday?

  1. Charles Grove

    According to his facebook: Delighted that Nick Clegg is coming to Lewisham. Meet Nick, Montpelier Vale, Blackheath SE3 0TJ @ 10.00am on bank holiday Monday. Bring your friends & family !

  2. Isn’t Everest Inn a restaurant? I think I’ve eaten there… (not sure if it’s still there though).

  3. Haha I’ve just realised that when you said “I can’t find any reference to this…” I actually thought you were referring to the restaurant.

    Rather than the much likelier candidate for finding a reference to, which would be the leader of the Lib Dems visiting Blackheath…

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