Noa Noa

Noa Noa clothes shop in Blackheath
Noa Noa (new clothes shop) were refused planning permission for extra illuminated signs outside the shop:

The proposed signage, by reason of its design and illumination, would fail to relate to the design and detailing of the shopfront and the character and appearance of the building,and would detract from the special character of this part of the Blackheath Conservation Area and would fail to comply with Policies URB 9 Signs and Hoardings and URB 16 New Development, Changes of Use and Alterations to Buildings in Conservation Areas within the adopted Unitary Development Plan (July 2004).

This can only be a good thing… First come the glaring signs, then the shutters, then the billboards.  We’re lucky Blackheath is kept looking so nice – in no small part by the Blackheath Society campaigning against various planning proposals.

I wish worked better – the first I heard of this proposal was when I saw the plasticky sign pinned to the nearest lamp-post.


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12 responses to “Noa Noa

  1. Ed

    Yes well done to the Blackheath society:

    From the Lewisham website:
    Consultee 2: The Blackheath Society
    Letter sent: 10 / 08 / 2009

  2. ollyknight

    How come the “Go Travel” shop gets away with their garish signage then? I hate that shop.

  3. Jim

    Also what about the Booze Buster signage at McColls!

  4. Jim

    I remember reading sometime ago about some plans to build a square over the railway by the library?! Can’t remember who was proposing it though… Has the recession knocked it for six?

  5. Blackheath Ann

    The last I heard of the ‘Library Square’ idea was a report in the December 2008 issue of the Blackheath Society newsletter (can still be viewed on their website). The first ambitious plans were rejected as not being commercially viable but a revised proposal is meant to be being unveiled sometime this year… It would be great if the area was developed sympathetically…at present it’s a dangerous turning circle for cars and vans heading for the carpark, bank machine, library, post-office, houses etc and then queuing up to drive back out!

  6. Tom

    Hi, I own Noa Noa and have been part of the community of Blackheath having lived and worked in the area for sometime. The reason why I invested in the shop is because I was trying to add more quality and style to the village so to enhance the area. I feel Noa Noa is a perfect addition to the village that is need of a sensitive refurb and a dam good clean to keep it’s beautiful character and charm. I don’t feel the sign is out of place, infact I feel it makes the area more desirable and a nicer place to be. I hope you feel it is better than a shabby empty ex-building society or would you prefer the village to be overun by shop closures so it looks like the empty off-license or an empty travel lounge. However, I do appreciate your comments and will take note.

    • Blackheathen

      Hi Tom,
      Ignore Blackheath Society. Deluded bunch. I’ve lived here all my life and thank God you’ve opened a nice shop like Noa Noa in the village. Hope you get an idea to save another shop from rotting away as well. All the best.

      • Anonymous

        Deluded indeed. They just want to make your life a misery. Let’s fight for a new by-law demanding that every other shop sells stuff for hip and trendy people, because you just can’t have enough dress shops. Throw in a few more nayoo “bars” as well, and a dozen more hairdressers because they are sooooo essential.

  7. Shame they let the new ”Nail Bar” go ahead!

    • Blackheathen

      I find nail bars quite handy. Not sure about the layout of this new one but when you need a manicure you need a manicure. It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate living somewhere as beautiful as Blackheath.

    • Barbara

      What’s wrong with the nail bar, especially one not owned by a large chain ? In fact what is wrong with supporting a new business opening in the middle of a recession employing local people. Best of luck to them I say. Have been there twice now and they are a pleasant bunch of women, providing an excellent service and their charges are considerably more reasonable than other local salons.

      Ditto for Noa Noa – the signage is perfectly fine and the frontage v tasteful in my opinion

  8. Laura

    I couldn’t agree more:
    a) Noa Noa is a lovely and classy addition to the village and infinitely better than a closed down shop which is depressing in any high street
    b) Go Travel sign – errrr hello, how was that allowed??
    c) Booze Buster sign – clearly aimed at those who leave their fast food packaging strewn in the station at the weekend because O’Neills refused to serve them one more round (although must say the staff in McColls are always polite and friendly)
    d) Whilst the “Nail Spa” is a bit Lewisham, I have in fact frequented, unlike the jewellers it replaced

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