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Bear Necessities

Bear necessities

Why do they have these Disney toys in their window? Is it to appeal to kids as they walk past “Mummy please can we book a two week break in the Algarve”?… I find the toys a bit creepy, not to mention garish… And what do they have to do with a travel agency? Does Disney need to give permission for their images to be used in a commercial context? Will the toys still be sitting there, staring out at the bus stop, folorn and threadbare on a dusty shelf in a few years time?


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Ugh, Comic Sans again…

Go Travel

Now look here… I realise that First Choice Travel was no cultural mecca.  Melvyn Bragg and Mark Lawson were not hot-footing down Tranquil Vale to come and admire it or anything.  But really, Go Travel isn’t doing a lot for taste and subtle design in Blackheath is it?

The photo doesn’t even show it in all its Plasma Screened, garish beauty.  Comic Sans all over the bloody place. Makes The Railway‘s frontage look like the Book of Kells… sort of…

And they’ve covered up the nice little mosaic with cheap blue carpet.  Grrr…


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First Choice Blackheath

First Choice Travel Agents, Blackheath

Just before the Bugle went on holiday, we popped into First Choice on the high street, to see if we could get a cheaper deal on some flights that we needed in the middle of the holiday. It was a strange experience – the person we spoke to didn’t seem to know how their system worked, and apologised, saying that “she didn’t normally work in this branch”.

The flights that they could offer were more expensive than the deals online, and she added rather forlornly “you’re probably better off looking on the internet”. And now, back from sunnier places, I see that First Choice is no more.

But what will it become? Karaoke Bar? Lebanese Cafe (to give Blackheath Fish and Chips a run for their money)? Another coffee shop? Incidentally, you may recognise First Choice’s front doorstep in the photo, from this remarkably undersubscribed competition. I guess the wasabi peas weren’t enough of a temptation.


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