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From kites to photos…

Fergus Noone Photography
The old sports shop has become a Fergus Noone wedding photography shop (there’s another one in Greenwich)… Maybe they could stock a couple of kite models just in case? Or start specialising in kite aerial photography? The perfect hobby for the heath!

Photo shows the sign writer in action here (snapped from a fast-moving 202 bus.. No really).. Tip off from @BBCarpentry


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Netball Clubs in Blackheath?

Netball photo from Wikipedia

Laura asked:

Hi Blackheath Bugle
I was wondering if you know anything of any netball clubs in Blackheath/Greenwich?

Well, netball (being a sport) isn’t one of my strong points.. However, it seems that there is a netball club near Blackheath, and according to their site, The Blackheath Wanderers train on Tuesdays at 7.30pm, where interested newcomers are welcome. Membership is £50 for adults, or £25 for juniors, plus £1 per session.

They have been around since 1975, and are just outside Blackheath, see their location page here, or my google map here.  (They should really peel down that wallpaper on their site and put something else up though).

If anyone else has played with them, or can share any experiences, please jot it down in the comments below!

Photo from Wikipedia.

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The definitive route for the Race for Life last weekend

OK, I promise this will be last post about the race for life at Blackheath for a while. 

google earth - flyby

Flickr user Mac Morrison has posted a very cool shot of the race route across Blackheath.  Many people came to the Bugle looking for the correct route – sorry I couldn’t pin it down beforehand, but it’s very nice to be able to see the route like this. 

I’m guessing it was created by carrying a GPS during the race.

There are loads of other race shots here, and loads of youtube vids of various runners.

Some of the comments on the other posts have been very poignant, and it was shocking to see how many people are affected by cancer in some form.

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5 things about the Blackheath Race for Life 2008

Race For Life

  1. The route isn’t set yet – they decide it on the day, in case of fallen trees etc.    You’d be amazed how many people are googling “What is the Race for Life route?”, and ending up here.
  2. If you don’t stretch before and after, you’ll have aching legs afterwards…  Apparently, if you turn up at 09:30am, there will be groups carrying out stretching excercises together.
  3. You don’t have to run, you can jog or walk if you don’t feel up to it.
  4. You can bring along unwanted clothes, books and DVDs to donate to their stores too.
  5. Your supporters might want to bring an umbrella.  BBC Weather for Blackeath says overcast and dry at the moment, but it feels like it might rain to me…

The Race for Life is happening on Blackheath Common in aid of Cancer Research.  It is on Sunday 13th July 2008, and starts at 10:30am.  You can donate here .  Starting point mapped here.

Bizarre photo of painted chewing gum by flickr user salimfadhley.

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Race for Life

Race For Life Blackheath 1

There is a Race for Life happening on Blackheath Common in aid of Cancer Research.  The event is on Sunday 13th July 2008, and starts at 10:30am.  You don’t have to run it – you can jog or stumble if you prefer.  (Mrs Bugle is taking part, and will be striding athletically throughout of course…)

There’s still time to enter if you’re feeling sporty, or if you only run when being chased, you can always donate instead.  Starting point mapped here.

Photos of 2005’s event, taken by zimpenfish

Race For Life Blackheath 2


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