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Melting Spires

Every day, twitter user @blkheath takes a photo of the All Saints church on the heath. I’ve realigned them so that the spire of the church is at the same position in each image. Then I timestretched the video to see what the effect would be. Hope you like it (images used with permission).


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The twin spires

Blackheath All Saints Church by Flickr User Robert Brook

I’m pretty myopic at the best of times, but I’m fairly sure that I saw the Crystal Palace Transmitter as the 108 bus rose over the hill, coming back on to the Heath from the Royal Standard.

When it is clear like that, it’s nice to look out across the horizon, and wonder what other beings would make of this place. Do we worship tall things? The spire of All Saints church really does cut through the skyline of Blackheath – it’s almost impossible to see anything else – your eye is so drawn to it, as you head over the heath. The Google Map satellite view gives a striking impression – just look at the shadow lying across the grass.  It reminded me of other places – we show what is important to us by pointing up to the sky.

It’s harder to use Google to figure out whether it was the crystal palace transmitter that I saw behind the church – there isn’t enough elevation information available online – it all seems to be jealously guarded behind pay-walls (unless you’re looking for Martian elevation data, in which case you can take all you like!).

It also reminded me of the wonderful dinosaurs there (in Crystal Palace park, not the church…)  Well worth a look if you’ve never seen them.


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Spire of St. Michael’s Church Blown Down

St Michael's Church, Blackheath, spire collapsed

Wonderful pen and ink drawing found at londonancestor.com, this was the result of a storm in October 1881. It is from the Illustrated London News. There’s something about these scratchy illustrations – they seem to have a lot of character. I suppose if every one of the images found in today’s papers was drawn by hand, the papers might be a bit thinner…

The church was (is?) known as “The Needle of Kent”.

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