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Prime Time DVD in Blackheath goes White…

So, thanks to PlanningAlerts.com we can see that the Strangest and Best DVD shop in the world is to become The White Stuff – here’s the planning permission PDF.  A shop (and I quote the Financial Times): “…aimed at trendy working mothers”.  Bad news for people who like films…  And probably very bad news for Sisters and Daughters, who are  in a similar vein.  In fact, so are half the clothes shops in the area, really…  According to an article in the Guardian, The White Stuff is “a lifestyle brand“.  Yawn.

The Google Streetview above shows the branch in Lordship Lane, SE22.


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Momo Franks becomes the wedding dress shop

I noticed that Momo Franks was being redecorated today – I asked one of the builders what it was turning into. He said that the wedding shop down the road is moving in. I’m guessing that it is this one. Now, I know what you’re thinking – how useful is a wedding dress shop… You’re (hopefully) only going to need one per lifetime. But I think it will be a nice shop I think. Why?

It comes highly recommended as the wedding dress in which Mrs Bugle said yes to me :)

PS: Moving house this weekend – staying in Blackheath. All I can see is cardboard boxes.


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Prime Time Going?

Prime Time DVD Shop Closing Down Sale Blackheath
I hope this is a typo. Wandered back home last night to see “Closing Down Sale” signs plastered all over the strangest and best movie shop in the world. This could be disastrous. I even cancelled our LoveFilm subscription on the basis that poking around Prime Time’s dusty shelves was more fun than waiting for a film that you didn’t care about to land on the doormat. Perhaps it’s just a renovation? I’ll find out more.


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Noa Noa

Noa Noa clothes shop in Blackheath
Noa Noa (new clothes shop) were refused planning permission for extra illuminated signs outside the shop:

The proposed signage, by reason of its design and illumination, would fail to relate to the design and detailing of the shopfront and the character and appearance of the building,and would detract from the special character of this part of the Blackheath Conservation Area and would fail to comply with Policies URB 9 Signs and Hoardings and URB 16 New Development, Changes of Use and Alterations to Buildings in Conservation Areas within the adopted Unitary Development Plan (July 2004).

This can only be a good thing… First come the glaring signs, then the shutters, then the billboards.  We’re lucky Blackheath is kept looking so nice – in no small part by the Blackheath Society campaigning against various planning proposals.

I wish planningalerts.com worked better – the first I heard of this proposal was when I saw the plasticky sign pinned to the nearest lamp-post.


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Tales of the Village

CostCutters sign Blackheath
Sent by lukebishop on twitter a few days back (I’ve been catching up lately):

The most ridiculous/brilliant positioning of two shop section signs ever! Costcutters, Blackheath http://twitpic.com/9pz45

And if you’re going to read the book from the photo, make sure you read them in the right order, starting here.

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Credit Crunch?

Fresh Lifestyle Salon and Spa, Blackheath

This new spa shop has just opened up next to Costa Coffee… Not sure how long the economy can sustain another expensive looking hair salon, but it looked very nicely designed.  Still a shame about the Bang & Olufsen shop though.


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Value Added Trouble

Blackheath Village Deli and Starbucks

I might have to reappraise what I wrote about the Village Deli back in May… After today, I’m not sure I’ll be heading back. It all started well enough, with the idea of getting something to eat there before catching a train. When we’d bought our food to take-away, I realised that we still had 15 minutes before the train was due.

So I asked one of the staff there if we could sit down with our food. He said of course, so we did. Then a very grumpy lady came over and loudly told us that she was very sorry, but we couldn’t possibly sit there, as we had paid to take away. Which was kind of embarrassing, and made me feel like some sort of furtive vagrant sneaking into their shop to sit down…

I completely understand that by law the place has to add VAT on to our order if we choose to eat in, so I offered to pay the difference. Mrs Bugle was busy fuming by this point. So we finished our (rather dry) spinach and ricotta thingy, and got up to leave. I asked how much we owed her, and she announced £2! Two pounds in VAT?! I’m sure our two spinach things didn’t cost more than £6, and by my reckoning, two pounds means that our food must have cost £11! I questioned it (hell, I’d already lost any chance at getting out of there without embarrassment), and was told that it was “because we sat at the table”, whatever that means.

It’s not so much the money, as the way it was handled… Maybe she was having a bad day, but as Michael P pointed out in the comments in the previous post about the Deli:

Every time I leave the Deli, I swear that I will never return. Although the service is just about passable during the week, I am almost always left to hang for a sapping period of time at the weekend. And there’s about as much chance of getting a smile as there is getting change from a tenner.

True indeed…  If I’m turning this blog into one long whinge-fest please tell me.  I do like Blackheath really!


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Buying a bike in Blackheath

The Bike Shop, Lewisham

The time came to buy Mrs Bugle a bicycle.  The Bugle knows very little about bikes, but enjoys cycling his from time to time on the heath, and agreed that it would make a perfect birthday present, so we went scouring the nearby neighbourhood for a suitable bike.  Neither of us are going to be ascending Everest by bike, we just needed something for occasional use on sunny days.

First of all, we went to Halfords in Charlton.  Don’t.  I don’t know where to begin on this one.  When we eventually managed to find someone to speak to, he proceeded to kick and bash the bicycles around so much, it felt like we should be phoning the RSPCA (RSPB maybe…)  Eventually he managed to drag one kicking and screaming from the rack, and showed it to us.  I noticed that one of the pedals was mounted back to front, making it impossible to actually ride the bike.   When I asked about this, he explained that “we weren’t allowed to ride the bike in the shop, as people might steal them”.  Great.  All the bikes at reasonable prices used plasticky rotary gear changer thingies (that switch gears by twisting the handlebars, a bit like revving a motor-bike).  They looked really nasty, like they would fall to pieces in no time.  Also, he explained, we couldn’t actually buy a bike there and then, as they had to be built (the bikes you see on the racks aren’t actually the bikes you buy, which is probably a good thing).  This process would take about a week…

So we said thanks, and wondered where on earth we could find a bike.  Then we found The Bike Shop in Lewisham.  I say Lewisham, but really it is only about 10 minutes walk from Blackheath Village, straight down Lee Park road, and turn right at the end.

It was like chalk and cheese.  The first time I went in there on my own, and a very helpful girl showed me the women’s bikes, which all cost slightly more than the Halfords bikes (£200 for a starting price compared with £170), but they looked like much much better bikes – better built, with proper “clicky” gears (can you tell I’m no bike expert?), and more importantly, you could try the bikes out on a little road next to the shop, and take away the bike you tested!

The New Bike

So I took away a couple of brochures, and a few weeks later we went back together, and Mrs Bugle is now the proud owner of a pastel blue Ridgeback Motion bike.  We can take it back in 6-8 weeks time for a free service, but it doesn’t look like it will need one… As the guy in the shop said:

“One less car”.

The Bike Shop, 288-290 Lee High Road, Lewisham, London, SE13 5PJ.

Opening Hours:   Mon-Fri:  9am-5.30pm.  Saturday 9am-5pm.

Phone: 020 8852 6680

Google Map here.


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